Steps to Troubleshoot Your Garage Door Opener

In our previous article, we explore the most common garage door related issues. Today, we’ll focus on issues caused by the garage door remote.   1. My garage door remote doesn’t work When your garage door no longer responds when you press the remote control, it’s usually because the batteries need replacing or the sensors […]

Tips to Troubleshoot Your Garage Door

When your garage door begins to play up there can be a number of different factors that could be causing the issue. It is important to identify which of the following issues you may be experiencing to ensure you take the safest and appropriate actions. The situations below are door and motor related, have a […]

The Season of Spring Servicing

What you need to know about garage door springs Ever wondered how your garage door manages to heave itself up every morning and then close at the press of a button? There are many cogs in the wheel that help operate your garage door but there is one important piece that holds all the tension […]

Removing Garage Door Dents

A dent on your garage door is like a windscreen chip on your car, it is a sight for sore eyes and it’s something you do not want to neglect as it can lead to further damage including rusting, paint peeling and loss of functionality. Your garage door is attached to your home and just like any […]

Tips for Choosing Your Commercial Garage Door

What to consider before choosing your commercial garage door Depending on your business, if you are in the market for a new garage door there are few things to consider before making your purchase. A big feature to consider is will it be manually operated or will it be automatic? Depending your business type and […]

Home Improvements to Add Value to Your Property: Part 2

Even if refurbishing your bathroom or kitchen can potentially seal a deal, do not overlook the potential value you could gain from putting a little effort into your house exterior and garden. As it stands, it is the first thing potential buyers see. Front façade – ‘curb appeal’ Commonly known as ‘street appeal’ or ‘curb […]

Home Improvements to Add Value to Your Property: Part 1

There are many different ways to add value to your property but there are also many slippery slopes that can end up costing you a fortune and adding almost zero value to your home. The main purpose of a renovation or any home improvement is to increase is visual appeal and functional space, and to […]

Noisy Garage Door? Here’s What to Do

  How frustrating is it when your body clock wakes you up thirty minutes before your alarm goes off and you find yourself tossing and turning trying to get back to sleep but ultimately fail. That precious thirty minutes of slumber is the difference between grumpy-self and happy-self. Throw in an extremely noisy garage and […]

Weather Proofing Your Garage

Always wondered why there was that cold draft seeping into your home despite all the windows and doors being closed? Or it may be that your air conditioning does not seem like its operating at optimal temperatures during those hot summer days. You may not suspect it, but your garage door is most likely the […]

My Garage Door Won’t Open or Shut

  Having your garage door malfunction on you just as you are about to leave your home or locking you inside can be quite a pain and frustrating to deal with. It can happen at any time, whether it is right before a job interview, dropping the kids off to school or going to work. […]