A Smart Future is a Convenient Future

The future of smart parking is a future that is convenient and it may have already begun at your local shopping centre without you even realising. As we move into a technological future full of automated vehicles, mobile phones and smart homes, one area that we may have completely disregarded is the parking lot. Have […]

Anything’s Possible From Your Garage

When you hear the name Apple you think of one of the largest tech companies in the world. You think of a multi-level building with thousands of employees who all contributed to one of the most used mobile phones to date, the iPhone.  What you may not know is that the founder of Apple, Steve […]

The Benefits of Automatic Garage Doors Vs Manually Operated

Who can remember arriving home at 1 am in the morning in the pouring rain, only to have to get out of your car to open the garage door. Or glancing at all corners of your house as you pull up into your driveway to make sure there is no one hiding in the bushes […]

Humble Beginnings Behind Closed (Garage) Doors

What started out as a dream in an empty garage soon became a reality for these Australian owned businesses.  From restaurants, bars and cafes, to motorbike workshops and a live music venue, garages have become more than just a place for your cars. For most, it started off as just an idea, what if we […]

8 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Lease

Finding the right house or apartment to rent is like trying to colour coordinate a family size bag of skittles in under 10 minutes. You are probably thinking how is that even relatable? Well, if you think about your dream home and what you want from it, what you need in a home, can you […]

My Car Got Broken Into, What Do I Do?

Each year, unlucky Australians fall victim to car theft with up to one car stolen every 10 minutes in 2017. For those who are fortunate enough to stumble upon their vehicles still in the same place where they left it, are soon given a rude awakening when they realise they’ve been broken into. Who could […]

A Checklist For Your Final Inspection

It’s almost settlement time, you’re excited to finally live in your new home, but before you sign the dotted line… its final inspection time.   What is the purpose of the final inspection? If you’re wondering what final inspection is, it is essentially a pre-settlement inspection where buyers are able to inspect the property to […]

The Future Begins In Your Home

What is a smart home? When we think of a smart home what is the first thing that comes to mind? Skynet. Apart from taking over the world and causing an apocalyptic war between robots and humans (The Terminator), smart homes have been designed to help make our lives more convenient, safer, cost effective and […]

How To Stay Ahead Of The Curve | Top 5 Garage Door Design Trends For 2020

Whether you’re purchasing a garage door for your new home or looking to replace your old door, here are the top 5 garage door design trends you need to know. 1. The bolder the better They say history repeats itself, and what was once a cult TV classic from the 80s; The Bold and The […]

Interior Design Trend: Custom Garage Door With Glass Inserts

When you think of a garage door you most likely think of a roller door; where a sheet of metal rolls up into a bundle onto your garage ceiling. Or a sectional garage door that slides perfectly above your head as it is suspended from your ceiling on railings. What you certainly don’t think of […]