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Commercial Roller Doors

Commercial & Industrial garage door systems play a vital role in the success of day-to-day operations for many businesses in Perth.

Not only do they provide much-needed security against thieves and burglars, they also ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible.

Imagine the impact it would have on your business if one day your door decided to stop working.

A damaged or malfunctioning garage door can bring your entire business to a grinding halt, costing you time and money.

In addition, it poses a potential risk that could result in accidental damage to work vehicles and equipment, and even injuring staff.

This is why all commercial and industrial garage doors must be made from more reliable materials to withstand frequent use.

Choosing to cheap out on quality and reliability may end up costing you more in the long run.


Types of Commercial Grade Garage Doors We Supply 

From large commercial warehouses and factories to smaller retail shops, we install, repair & service a wide range of commercial garage doors all across Perth.

1 – Industrial Roller Doors & Industrial Roller Shutters

If you’re looking for ways to improve the functionality and security of your factory or warehouse, consider Gryphon’s commercial roller doors.

We understand the need to keep valuable items and machinery inside the facility as safe and secure as possible.

This is why all of our commercial roller doors are manufactured from superior quality materials. Choose from BHP Colorbond or Zincalume Steel. For further protection against the Australian climate, weather seals installed on the bottom of every door is a must.

Expertly designed and installed, you can rest assured that your premise is well guarded from the outside elements and would be thieves.

Protect your business with commercial roller shutters that provide impenetrable security, strength and flexibility. 

Our industrial roller shutters are the perfect solution when large commercial warehouses or industrial factories need tough security with easy functionality. 

Gryphon provides a wide range of steel and aluminium roller shutters to cater to all your business needs and requirements. 

About our industrial roller door motors

For added convenience, you can opt for a motorised option that’s not only quieter and smoother but makes opening and closing a breeze.

Customise our Gryphon Commercial-grade Roller Doors & Roller Shutters

Our team is more than happy to arrive on scene and help you determine what’s best for your commercial space.

Extras to choose from:

  • Tapered bottom rail
  • Ventilation options to meet industry requirements (perforation, grilles, mesh)
  • Industrial roller door motors (grifco)
  • Various lock options for roller doors; bolt locks, floor locks, central locking bar
  • Shoot bolt locking

2 – For Some, Custom Sectional Doors might be the answer


Custom doors are ideal for settings like parking or protecting your business separate to your building’s entrance.

Our team is more than happy to arrive on scene and help you determine what’s suited for your commercial space.

Custom Doors Options

Extras to choose from:

  • Ventilation options to meet industry requirements (perforation, grilles, mesh)
  • Grifco openers suitable for frequent use (ideal for underground car parks)
  • Choose from a wide range of powder coating colours
  • Sectional overhead garage doors
  • Aluminium custom bar panels on sectional doors
  • Insulation available for industrial sectional doors

Find out more about our Custom Garage Doors


Gryphon’s 3 Step Process For An Easy Installation

Keep your business running smoothly with our hassle-free garage door installation process.

  1. On-site visit by one of our consultants, with a Free Measure and Quote offered
  2. Approximately 3-4 weeks for your door made with exact specifications
  3. Installation of the door roughly 4-6 hours

That’s it!


How Much Does a Commercial Garage Door Cost?

Depending on the application and the requirements of your business, your commercial garage door costs may vary. 

With the addition of selected extras including insulation, ventilation, coloured powder coats or an automatic opener, you can expect to pay anywhere between: 

Commercial Double Roller Door (Manual) Chain Operated $2,000 to $3,000

Commercial Double Roller Door (Automatic) $3,000 to $5,000

Custom Aluminium Sectional Door (Automatic) $6,000 to $10,000

Double Steel Shutter (Automatic) $8,000 to $14,000


Quality Doors Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

At Gryphon, you can rely on us to provide your business with a commercial and industrial door that’s both durable and high-performing. 

All of our doors are manufactured using the highest quality materials and can be completely customised to the requirements of your business.

While our insulated commercial garage doors provide functionality, you can also choose from a wide range of stylish appearances. This means you can enjoy an appealing exterior without compromising on security.

At Gryphon, we understand the importance of having a functional, insulated and well-ventilated commercial garage door.

It plays a vital role in the success of any Perth business, it also may be a safety requirement.

This is why we have fully trained technicians on hand who can quickly install, repair or service your commercial door with minimum downtime. For quality, durability and competitive prices, You Gotta Get A Gryphon.