Gry[phon Smart garage door opener

Gryphon Smart Door Technology  

Never forget to close the Garage Door again.

Remove the fear of leaving your garage door open with Gryphon’s New Smart Door Technology that lets you operate the garage door from anywhere at any time.

As an add-on, Gryphons New WIFI connected technology can be retrofitted onto almost any existing garage door opener and allows you to monitor and operate the door through the Free APP which can be installed on a mobile device, tablet or computer.

It does not replace your existing garage door operations or prevent any other devices that you’d normally use — such as garage remotes, wall buttons, or pin/keypads — from working as before.

Whether for the home, holiday home or rental property, Gryphon Smart Door Technology provides homeowners with safe, convenient and secure garage door management.

Gryphon Smart Door Opener available in Perth and Melbourne

It only takes a sensor and smart opener to wire to your current motor. If you want to monitor your garage from wherever you are, you can also use the compatible add-on camera.

But why spending time reading about it when we can tell you all about it?


1. Easy to Install

Simply connect to existing garage door opener, set up the sensor and turn on the WIFI.

View how to install the Smart Door Opener

Once you have connected the device to your home network, download the Free Witgarage APP available on the App Store and Google Play on your device to remotely monitor and operate your garage door.
No Monthly Subscriptions.

View how to install the APP app on your device


2. Remote-free

At the touch of a button, you’ll be able to operate your garage door from anywhere at any time through the APP on your device. This means you no longer have to lug around a bulky remote or worry about misplacing it.


3. Smart Geo-Fencing Control

Set a distance to automatically open the door through the APP and the door will open and close automatically every time you leave or arrive. Enjoy peace of mind in knowing your garage door is always closed.


4. Improved Security

To have unconditional access to the status of your garage door provides additional security for both your garage and home. You will receive a notification from the APP in real-time if the status of your garage door changes.


5. Multi-user

Connect multiple users via the WIFI, allowing family members or even your gardener to operate the garage without the need for a remote.


6. Voice Activated

If you’re really tech-savvy, you can connect your Gryphon Smart Garage Door to Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo for voice-activated operation.


7. Not complicated, just smarter

Gryphons Smart Door Technology helps consolidate your daily routines, making life easier for everyone at home. Designed for every type of person — from the technophobe mum’s & dad’s right through to the tech-savvy enthusiasts, making them a great investment in every home.


8. Compatible with the Gryphon Smart Home Camera

Additional perks for those who are looking to do more with their Gryphon Smart Door can include installing a camera which allows homeowners to monitor the activity inside the garage from anywhere in the world.

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