What’s New in The World of Garage Doors 2020

Discover the benefits of a smart garage door opener and take complete control over your home’s largest entrance. The world of garage doors in 2019 was the year for being bold & beautiful. Darker shades and colours, black, in particular, took the world by storm as more homeowners searched for ways to not only increase […]

Looking to buy a home? Australia’s Housing Market Revealed

Find out what are the most popular homes people are buying, what’s struggling to sell and the top housing trends that’s giving Australians a chance. If you’re thinking about buying or building a new home, it’s never been a better time. According to Finder’s best home loan rates 2020, banks are offering as low as […]

About to Build a New Home? Here’s What You Need to Know

A rock-solid starting point for those who are interested in building a new home. Whether you’re buying your first home, on the hunt for your next investment property, or downsizing, building a new home is one of the biggest financial investments you’ll ever make.  If you’re a first home buyer I am sure you have […]

7 Things You Should Never Keep in Your Garage

The garage is not only an excellent place to park and protect your car, it’s also a great spot for storage.  With so much space available, and behind a sturdy garage door, it can be easy to simply chuck everything in the garage because you never know when you might need it right?  As time […]

Perth’s Safest Neighbourhoods 2019

There’s no denying that Perth is one of the greatest cities in all of Australia.  Known as the ‘nanna-state’, a report conducted by realestate.com.au in 2019 has revealed that Perth has become the second most liveable city in all of the nation after jumping up two spots from 2018, which is a massive improvement from […]

How to Prepare Your Home for a Bushfire

Here are the necessary steps to take in the event of a bushfire that’s close to home. Recent Australian bushfires have burnt across approximately 18.6million hectares, destroyed just under 6000 buildings and has killed an estimated one billion animals, and pushing some species to the brink of extinction.  Bushfires are a natural part of the […]

3 of Australia’s Booming Industries

Find out what industries are driving the Australian job market, and which sectors are ready for new businesses. If your dream is to own your business, whether it is making people smile every morning with the lifeblood coffee is, or serving up pure decadence on a menu you constructed for your restaurant—  You might want […]

A rock-solid strategy for choosing commercial property & building insurance suited to your business needs

Whether you own a small cafe, factory or large warehouse there will come a time where you need to ask yourself what business insurance do I need in Australia? Do I really need business insurance? As a business owner, it’s in your best interest to protect what is yours and possibly, the lifeblood of your […]

Converting Your Garage Into A Granny Flat? Here’s what you need to know

Deciding to convert your garage into a habitual space is no easy task. Where do you even begin? Unfortunately, it’s not just a matter of throwing in a couch and television, although we can see the appeal.  When it comes to converting your garage into a granny flat you need to consider what’s actually missing, […]

Is a Carport Better Than a Garage?

A common misconception is that a carport and garage are the same thing. While the 2 do have similarities; both offer undercover protection from the rain and sun, there are some key distinct features to tell them apart. In this article we explain the key differences between a carport and a garage, as well as […]