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Roller doors can enhance your home’s curb appeal, adding immediate value

What most homeowners don’t realise is how much value a roller door can bring to your homes overall aesthetic, which comes in handy if you’re thinking about revamping, renting out or selling your house. Gryphon’s roller doors are both practical; built to suit any space, and versatile; comes in a wide selection of Colorbond colours to match your home’s existing style.

Choose from electric roller garage doors or manually operated, our friendly rep can assess, advise, measure and customise a door to fit your specifications.


When is a roller garage door suitable?

The difference between roller doors and sectional garage doors lies in the way the panels roll up. A roller door is made of a steel curtain that slides up and rolls up into a bundle at the top of the door. 

Because of the way that roller doors are designed and function, this option is only suitable if you have enough headspace above your garage door.

Rollers doors are generally used for sheds, garage doors, carports, store-fronts and warehouses due to their high resistance to impact and weather control features.



Nothing but the best steel for our roller garage doors

Choose from 24 COLORBOND® shades

Beside being a high-quality material, the COLORBOND® steel is pre-colour coated in a wide range of shades. We carry over 20 shades so you can pick the colour that fits your space and taste the best.

Some of the colours available, but not limited to, are:


Note- Please note that Wood Look options are not available with Roller Doors.


Roller Doors built to withstand extreme weather conditions

COLORBOND® steel is a premium material manufactured and extensively tested so it can sustain the extreme weather conditions we might face in Australia such as extreme heat, rain, wind, hail and dust. 

Gryphon’s Roller Doors are made from highly durable materials that are easy to maintain, clean and can even make your home more energy efficient. This can be done by opting for a colour featuring Thermatech® technology that is designed to reflect more of the sun’s heat on hot days.


Gryphon Roller doors features aren’t like any other

Gryphon’s exclusive roller door range has an extensive range of optional extras that can improve security, minimise noise, and protect your home from the elements.

  • Windlock clip: provides extra security and protection in high wind and cyclonic areas. If you would like further information on a roller door for a cyclonic area, please contact us about Cyclone Rated Roller Doors.
  • Dual sided nylon webbing: this feature is designed to eliminate all metal on metal contact to reduce operational noise every time you open and close it.
  • Centre Lock and Slide Bolt Lock: provides your home with extra security and a safe exit path in case of an emergency.
  • Aluminium Bottom Rail: specifically designed and engineered to strengthen the bottom panel of your roller door and protect your garage from the harsh Australian climate.
  • Ventilated Profile: increase your garages ventilation by up to 9% more than standard roller doors.
  • Tapered Bottom Panel: this is an ideal option if you currently live on a slope as it will protect your home from the outside elements, improve security, and provide a flush finish.

If you live in the Perth or Melbourne area and need a new roller garage door or get it serviced or repaired, our experienced staff can help.

We offer 100% free quotes – contact us today for an obligation free price on roller doors.