Garage Remote Control

Enter and exit your home safely at the touch of a button

A garage door remote improves the safety, security and convenience of how you access your home with automatic technology. We offer both genuine and universal garage door remotes compatible with most doors in Perth. Find out how to program your replacement remotes with our simple step by step guides below.

The advantages of a remote control garage door


Creates a safer environment for the kids

With a sensor system, the garage door will automatically detect when an object is blocking its line of path and prevent the door from closing. This helps protect your vehicle from damage if you close the garage door too early, as well as creating a safer environment for the kids.


Improves the overall security of your home

Not only is your vehicle parked safely out of sight, automatic garage doors are also much harder to gain entry to compared to manually operated doors, providing more security against burglars. Operated by an automatic garage door opener, a remote control is necessary to open and close the door, further deterring thieves and keeping your car, garage and how much more secure.


Operate from the comfort and convenience of your vehicle

Provides your home with extra security and a safe exit path in case of an emergency.


Garage Door Remotes

Need a universal garage door remote control? For garage door remote control replacements in Perth, we supply our very own Gryphon Garage Door Remote, in addition to other major garage door opener brands.


*Gryphon superlift, Gryphon Superglide 1000 and Gryphon Ultraglide 1200

Is it time to replace your garage door remote?

Is it the door motor or has the remote exceeded battery life? If your garage door no longer responds when you press the remote it’s usually because the batteries need to be replaced.

This is one of the most common reasons why your remote isn’t responding and is the easiest fix. To change the batteries, simply:


Remove the back panel off the remote (may require a screwdriver)


Take out old batteries and replace with new ones, making sure they are the same voltage


Place the cover back on and that’s it!

What happens if you lose a garage door remote?

Unless you have a spare remote, which we always recommend having, if you have misplaced your garage remote, you’ll have to purchase a new one. Thankfully, replacing a garage door remote in Perth is a simple and easy process.


How to program your garage remote

When programming your remote, make sure to check the correct frequencies which are often printed on the back of the remote. Always refer back to the remote manuals if you’re unsure on what is the correct frequency.

  • Find the LEARN button on the garage door opener, it’s usually black or in colour.
  • Hold down the LEARN button until the indicator light flashes and then release.
  • Press and hold a button on your garage remote until the same indicator light flashes on the opener, this means the signal has been received.
  • Press and release the LEARN button once more to secure the remote signal.

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