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Do you need an insulated garage door?

A question often asked by most Aussie homeowners is, why should I insulate my garage door?

It’s a good question, especially for a room that is hardly used apart from parking a car or two, and storing random household items, it’s hardly a living space. 

We all know that insulation keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer and that all modern homes have insulation in their roof space. Why doesn’t it follow then that your garage door isn’t insulated as well?

What you may not realise is that your garage door is arguably the largest door opening in your home and it can also be an area of extreme heat and energy loss. In Australia, it is common for a garage door to occupy at least 1/3 of the surface area of the front of your home and if it isn’t insulated your garage space is an area that can facilitate the transfer of extreme temperatures into your home.

Ask yourself this — Is your front door sealed? Are all your windows weathered sealed? How does it feel sitting next to a window with a cold draft coming through during winter? Now multiply the size of this gap 100 times and you have yourself an uninsulated garage door.

If you’re looking to create a more energy-efficient home, or thinking about converting your garage space into a home office or gym, it’s time to consider insulating your garage door.

View Our Insulation Solutions: 

We install insulated garage doors as well as insulation solutions for your existing garage door.

The benefits of insulating your garage door with Gryphon

  • Increases thermal comfort, giving you an extra room for a home office, gym, or workshop
  • Reduces outdoor noise and vibrations, and that whistling windy for a better night’s sleep
  • Improves energy efficiency, cuts energy costs, and saves you money by effectively reducing thermal exchange by up to 90%
  • Provides additional protection from the harsh Australian climate
  • Reduces the strain on heating and cooling appliances, and creates a comfortable living environment all year round

Achieve more energy efficiency throughout your home and slash the cost of your energy bill with Gryphon’s Garage Door Insulation: talk to us


We supply and install insulated garage doors

Polyurethane insulation is one of the most effective insulation materials available and is as much as 30% more effective than Polystyrene insulation.


At Gryphon Garage Doors our panels can reduce up to 90% of this temperature exchange. Insulated panels also help to reduce street noise and are dramatically stronger than a standard single sheet garage door.

The Pinch Resistant design helps to prevent the likelihood of fingers being caught in between the panels when the door is being operated.

What Do You Get?

  • 40mm of high-density Polyurethane Insulation in every panel
  • A fully enclosed galvanized and powder coated sectional door panel
  • Whisper-quiet motor technology (12-year warranty)
  • Wireless wall button
  • 2 deluxe remote handsets with every door supplied
  • Powder-coated tracks and hardware
  • A superior finish with a door that is the same colour on both sides
  • A door that is built to last
  • A door that is so strong we are testing it for use in cyclone-prone locations
  • All this with no additional cost! 





But what if you do not want to buy a brand new garage door? Converting your existing garage door with Insulation is also a cost-effective option. 


Gryphon’s Garage Door Insulation Solutions

We supply, retro-fit and install a variety of products for all types of new and existing garage doors, including sectional, roller, tilt and custom made. 

Garage Door Insulation Panels

Garage door - insulated panels for sectional Doors

All of our panels are Australian made and come with a reflective foil backing, and fire retardant, perfect for homes that are located near fire-prone bushland.

Our insulation has a thermal value of R1.47, effectively reducing heat loss and heat gain, giving you a more energy-efficient home and lower energy bills.

Insulation panels in the garage provide an additional sound barrier, significantly reducing outside noise and giving you much needed peace and quiet for a good night’s rest.

All panels can be retro-fitted and customised to suit any door, is impact resilient and lightweight.

Our panels can be fitted on sectional and custom made garage doors. 

Garage Door Seals

Garage door seals - threshold seals, side and top seals

Choosing to seal your garage door is an ideal solution to keep the outside elements where they belong.

Gaps around your garage door is an open invitation for dust, water, smoke, pollen, insects and other pests to enter your home and to make themselves comfortable. With appropriate top, side and threshold seals installed around your garage door, you can put a stop to it. 

Gryphon’s 30mm garage door seals provide protection against these elements, giving you a secure, warm, and comfortable environment.

By doing so, you have the freedom to transform the space into a workshop, home office, gym or a children’s rumpus room.

When combined with Garage Door Insulation Panels, you’ll have a sure-fire way of reducing your energy bills and increasing livability of your home.

Our retrofit garage door seals can be fitted around any type of garage door.

Ready to explore your options?

Contact us for a free, no-obligation on-site quote. By having a look at your garage door and your garage space, our representative will be able to talk you through the options available to you.