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Why you ‘Gotta get a Gryphon’

When you choose a garage door with Gryphon, it’s not just a new door you’re getting — it’s peace of mind in knowing that you’ll always be taken care of. All our staff have been expertly trained to provide technical advice and support to ensure you get the perfect door that’s right for you and not just a sale for us. Get comprehensive service that extends well beyond a simple transaction.

We pride ourselves on creating life-long relationships with our Perth and Melbourne customers by offering after-sales servicing, ongoing workmanship and reliable warranties on all our products.


Why you should choose Gryphon Garage Doors

  Superior Quality


  Trusted Service

Superior Quality

To keep your home looking stylish and well protected for years to come, all Gryphon Garage Doors are made locally in Australia and manufactured from the highest quality materials. We take full responsibility in providing our customers with a first-class product and lasting warranty.


Whether residential or commercial, every door is custom-designed, manufactured and installed by our highly trained technicians to enhance the safety, security, style and convenience of your home or business.

Trusted Service

We’ve been helping Australian’s protect their homes and families by providing top-quality garage doors for over 25 years. From the design phase, manufacturing and installation, to post-install, we deliver our customers a world-class experience and a reliable service you can trust.

Why you should choose Gryphon Garage Doors

Superior Quality

To keep your home looking stylish and well protected for years to come, all Gryphon Garage Doors are made locally in Australia and manufactured from the highest quality materials. We take full responsibility in providing our customers with a first-class product and lasting warranty.


Whether residential or commercial, every door is custom-designed, manufactured and installed by our highly trained technicians to enhance the safety, security, style and convenience of your home or business.

Trusted Service

We’ve been helping Australian’s protect their homes and families by providing top-quality garage doors for over 25 years. From the design phase, manufacturing and installation, to post-install, we deliver our customers a world-class experience and a reliable service you can trust.

Get on with your day with Gryphon Garage Doors repairs & servicing

Whether you’ve chosen a style or need help choosing a new one, Gryphon takes the headache out of the whole process by providing you with an all-in-one in-house solution. For design ideas or installation questions, speak to Gryphon today.

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Enhance your home’s overall safety and curb appeal with a custom-made, stylish sectional garage door. From whisper-quiet motors to finger proof panels, all our doors are designed to create a pleasant visual and operational experience that complements your lifestyle.

Choose any colour from the entire Colorbond range, as well as an extensive choice of optional extras that help improve security, minimise noise and protect your home from the elements. Explore our roller door range and features, including motorised garage doors for added convenience.

If you like the natural and timeless classic look of wood, we offer an elegant range of wood-look garage doors, including DecoWood and Timba Grain wood-look steel garage doors. View our exclusive range of hand-painted wood-look options including Teak, Jarrah, and Western Red Cedar.

Elevate your home’s appearance to the next level with a custom-designed, automatic garage door. Choose your insert colour and type, frame style and material with the choice of optional extras that allow for added ventilation and security. Already have an idea in mind? Let’s build it.

We supply and install 100% Australian made industrial and commercial sectional and roller doors including steel roller shutters designed to keep your business safe and secure. View our custom options, including aluminium grills, perforated doors, powder coat colours and more.

Looking to create the ultimate outdoor-indoor entertaining experience? Entertain outdoors protected from the elements in complete comfort all year-round with Gryphon’s track guided outdoor blinds system. View how you can extend your home and instantly create a new space.

Garage door window inserts are cost-effective and a great way to enhance your home’s exterior and increase natural light within the garage. View our selection of garage door window panels and window insert sizes available for a range of garage doors profiles.

I need help choosing a garage door

Unsure what type of garage door is best suited to your needs? Speak to a Perth garage door expert from Gryphon. We'll ensure you get a solution that complements the overall look and function of your home or business, while improving safety, security and day-to-day living.

Your new garage door awaits

We’ve been around for over 25 years

As one of Australia’s longest standing garage door companies, you can rest assured we aren’t going to disappear anytime soon. Choosing to enhance your home with a Gryphon Garage Door not only provides an immediate visually satisfying product, it will continue to deliver performance and functionality supported by our unrivalled 12 year structural warranty.

When you’ve been around for as long as we have, quality lasts forever when price is long forgotten.

What our customers have to say

Our garage door motor failed on New Year's day and I made an online enquiry during the holiday period to Gryphon Garage Doors in Perth and I got a phone call from the owner Brett on New Year's day. The next day there was a gentleman here installing my new garage motor, which was amazing during the holidays period. A clean well priced and a very very professional job. At the same time, they serviced the door as well and it's never worked better in its life. That's why you gotta get a Gryphon!

- Rick

Hear what our customers have to say

Received my new Gryphon Garage Door on Friday. My order was handled by your Perth sales design consultant Chris. His knowledge and expertise were exceptional. Your installation and service was also top class, my new garage door arrived as promised! A pleasure to deal with your organization and I look forward to recommending Gryphon Garage Doors to people I know in the future.

Alphonso Soosay

I wanted to say Thank you for all your help with the replacement door and thanks again for letting us change the colour – happy wife happy life. This morning I spoke to Lee about some vibrations and noises we had experienced with the old pelmet and door, and he made a few suggestions regarding extra bracing. When I got home I found he not only put the bracing in, but could see there would be additional problems so he addressed them also. This guy is, in my opinion, a great asset to your team and I hope you pass the message on to him.

Liam Short

I would just like to express my appreciation of the service your company has provided in supplying and fitting my new sectional garage door. Paul came to quote and was extremely helpful and happy to answer my questions. The person who removed my old door and fitted the new door was reliable and worked efficiently. All in all, dealing with your company has been a good experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gryphon to family and friends.

Jillian Gill

We were impressed beyond words when you responded to our enquiry on “Boxing Day” and then followed up with a home visit and quotation the same day!! I cannot think of any other company doing this on a Public Holiday. Your recommendations were absolutely on the button and we had no option but to commit to placing a firm order the same day.

Your company only returned to work on 6th January and 7 days later we were given a fitting date of 14th January – How good was that?

Cliff & Gay Racey

I really love my new door, I think it makes my house look like new! I would personally like to thank Colin and his colleagues, who are incredibly friendly and accommodating. Thank you for working around me for the quote and the installation.

I am very happy with the service I received and am very satisfied with the final result. Thank you for transforming my home.

Lisa Prowling

First impressions are the best and lasting, less than two hours after I requested the quotation from Gryphon your consultant Chris Griffon was at our door to measure and quote. While there were a couple of other quotes cheaper than Gryphon’s it was the professionalism from your staff and the way we were treated that counted most in our decision to purchase your product.

Rob and Helen Rowe

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of garage doors?

Garage doors in Perth come in many different shapes and sizes. Their functions can also range widely, from being a cosmetic concealment all the way to a form of security. Most of the time, they can be categorised into a few simple styles, including Roller Doors, Sectional Doors and Custom Garage Doors, with some more common for residential or commercial use.

What are the common types of garage doors for residential use?

Commonly used garage doors in Perth and Melbourne for residential areas include Roller Doors and Sectional Doors. Both types of garage doors come in a wide variety of colours, styles, materials and finishes, which aim to improve security, safety and convenience, and enhance the overall look of a home.

Roller doors are typically remembered as those annoying manually operated doors that require you to get out of your car to open. Thankfully, there are now many customisable features and configurations to transform it into a fully automatic garage door. There’s also a wide range of colours, appearances and materials as well as the option to add insulation. Roller door residential applications include sheds, garage doors and carports.

Sectional garage doors are made using several large horizontal panels hinged together that slide along tracks with the ceiling overhead, as the door opens and closes. These motorised garage doors are pleasantly convenient and work really well with modern and new home styles that are going for a sophisticated clean look. There is also the option of choosing a ‘wood-look’ steel garage door if you desire a classic timber finish.

Need a new garage door? Contact Gryphon for a quick and easy solution. We’ll help you design and install a custom made garage door that complements your home and lifestyle.

What are the common types of garage doors for commercial use?

The need for added security and functionality will often dictate the design of commercial garage doors. They are commonly manufactured in a ‘roll up style’, where industrial rollers are made from durable materials built to protect against forced entry. Other common installations for commercial purposes can include light weight aluminium sectional doors. These automatic garage doors are suitable for closing an area off that is already secured, rather than providing a primary point of security/entry.

At Gryphon, we understand the need to keep valuable items and machinery inside the facility as safe and secure as possible. All our commercial roller doors and industrial roller shutters are manufactured from superior quality materials to give you much needed functionality and security for your factory or warehouse.

Are old-fashioned garage doors secure?

Safety concerns with overhead tilt models were most common in the past, primarily due to the springs’ lack of efficiency that was responsible for balancing the door’s weight. Overtime, without sufficient inspection and servicing, the springs would begin to rust and weaken, losing strength and durability. This caused springs to break unexpectedly, launching the spring’s metal fragments in every direction, causing damage to vehicles, garage walls and belongings.

Despite manufacturers implementing protective cages to surround and strengthen the springs, they weren’t completely effective. The safety and condition of these garage parts are still highly questionable, so if you’re still operating a tilt-spring garage door, we recommend contacting Gryphon for a maintenance inspection.

How can I fix a spring system garage door?

Due to the inevitable danger that these garage springs posed towards people and property, a safer system was developed to open and close overhead. This development consists of a cable pulley system that is equipped with a torsion where it is able to handle the weight with more safety and efficiency.

The torsion is a spring that wraps around a metal rod where it is bolted on one end to a fixed plate. This new system is often installed directly above the garage opening header. By composing the correct system of pulleys, cables, and connectors, the entire weight of it is transferred properly to the spring system. The main factor that makes this much safer than the previous system is how the energy is stored in the spring.

With the older method, the spring was unsupported by an inner pole, where it had to undergo increased amounts of tension when pulled and returned back to its original condition. However, with this new system, the spring is able to rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise (depending on if the garage door is pulled up or brought back down) where some of the energy is forced onto the pole.

How does this fix compare to the previous system?

If it is installed professionally, the energy load that is put onto the torsion spring is completely controlled by the system. Also, the size and weight of the garage door must directly influence the level of durability for the system, so it can properly handle it. In the instance that the spring fails, as it is directly attached to the poll, fragments won’t disperse everywhere, instead it would remain intact. When it comes to issues that commonly occur with the previous spring-only system, I have never heard of a similar occurrence with torsion spring systems. However, this isn’t to say that no injuries have ever occurred with these.

Is a spring system garage door still safe to use after it’s fixed?

Generally speaking, it is safe for well-qualified installation professionals to install and repair this type of spring system. However, there have been cases of serious injuries that occurred when untrained people had attempted the installation. This is why a warning tag is often placed on a visible surface of the system in order to advise untrained and unqualified people of the dangers involved. Not only does it advise untrained people of the risk associated with installing it, but also of repairing, adjusting, and even touching it. This is because with the amount of energy that these springs undergo, if they are incorrectly tampered with it can turn into a horrendous situation. So if the label becomes damaged, tampered, or removed, it is crucial to get a new one reattached immediately.

Keep your family safe, hire a professional

The importance of hiring a professional to ensure proper maintenance will keep you and your family safe from any unexpected accidents from happening. Some garage doors can either be operated automatically (by motor) or manually (by hand). For both types, to ensure proper operations of the springs, door weight, and other relevant components, everything must be correctly balanced. 

If it is improperly balanced, it can be detrimental not only to the safety of the power-assisted motor, but also you along with others who use the garage door. Unfortunately, the actual weight is deceptive, which is why only a trained professional should perform maintenance on it.

As the process of opening and closing is easy if it is functioning properly, many do not pay enough attention towards hiring a qualified individual to check the overall weight-balance of the entire system. If the hardware, hinges, track, and door opener does not properly function together, it can lead to many problematic issues such as jamming or shifting.

In the instance it isn’t functioning efficiently, and is lacking proper maintenance, it may lead to serious bodily injuries. This is why it is important to ensure that all the garage door parts are engineered and installed correctly, and to hire a professional and qualified individual to undergo an inspection. Need a professional servicing? Speak to Gryphon today, we’ll be able to assist with any questions you may have.

I want an automatic garage door opener

Nothing is more convenient than being able to open your garage door at the touch of a button, especially after a hard day at work, or when it’s raining. At Gryphon we can retrofit and install automatic openers with remote control openers that let you park your car without having to get out and open the door. Get in touch with Gryphon today for pleasant customer service and high quality products. 

In the meantime, feel free to browse our library of manuals and troubleshooting guides.

What’s the difference between sectional garage doors and roller doors?

The difference between the roller doors and sectional garage doors is simple. It’s the way the panels move as the roller door slides up and tucks away. Speak to one of our friendly reps to help you decide if a roller door is what you’re looking for or something different.

What’s a panel lift garage door?

Panel lift is another way of saying Sectional Garage doors. Browse our wide selection of designs, colours and styles of sectional garage doors in Perth now.

Factors that can influence residential automatic garage door prices

  • All Perth homes are different, so depending on your size, design, width and height will all factor into the overall cost of your Gryphon Sectional Door.
  • We offer a wide range of colours featuring Colorbond with Thermatech to Dulux, and over 100 powder-coat options. Your preferred choice of colour will affect the cost of your sectional door.
  • Your location can also affect the final price with different environments having different requirements. If you live near the cost or where bushfires are common, or even cyclones, you may need tougher materials and design.
  • Depending on the type of material you have chosen for your sectional door, some may cost more than others. This can include hardwood timber, steel, aluminium, or polycarbonate.
  • Additional accessories and customisation such as handles, keypads, insulated garage doors, insulation panels, and windows can contribute to the final price you pay for your door.

How much does a garage door in Perth cost?

Prices will vary depending on the garage door type, material, and size, among other details. Get all the information you need to make an informed choice when purchasing a new garage door for your home or business. View Garage Door Perth Prices