Garage door user manuals

In the case you have misplaced or lost your instruction booklet for any of our products, you can find them here for your keeping.

You will find below the garage door opener manuals for the motors we supply: Merlin motors, SEIP motor, Controll-A-Door motor, Marantec motor and the Gryphon Superlift Belt Drive Motor.

Please ensure you match up the instruction booklet to the model number of your product.

What the garage door manuals will tell you

Garage door opener manuals will provide the following information:

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Remote Troubleshooting

Reprogram your garage door remote and other useful instructions

We have a series of resourceful documents if you want to pair your garage door remotes with your garage door motor or need to replace the batteries.

We provide an extensive range of user manuals which will help you solve all general enquiries in reference to the models we sell. Below listed are PDF instruction booklets that can be downloaded pertaining to each model and brand we supply.

Garage door remote brands we carry


*Gryphon superlift, Gryphon Superglide 1000 and Gryphon Ultraglide 1200

What the remote manuals will tell you

Remote manuals will provide the following information:

Download Remote Manuals



Changing a fuse

The fuse on a garage door is what turns the light on as the door is being opened. When the fuse breaks or wears out, it can quickly become frustrating. That would need to be sorted out as soon as possible. Replacing a fuse is a simple task and can be done yourself without having to call service personnel out. Below is an instructional document complete with steps and visual aid in order to help assist you when changing your own fuse.

Don’t wait until it breaks!

Regular servicing of your garage doors is necessary to keep them operating normally.

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Gryphon product brochures

Browse the range of Gryphon brochures below for more information on products, services and warranty.

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Remote Troubleshooting articles

Service FAQ’s

Do the remotes take batteries?

Yes. The size is A23 (Standard Remotes)

Nothing is happening when I press the Remote Button

Check battery in remote, check that the motor fuse has not blown, check that you have not had a power black out.

If light on the motor does not come on you may have blown the fuse. (refer to circuit board diagram for fuse location)

The fuse is a glass style 1.6 amp 240 volt.

My door is making a squeaking noise

Spray the hinges and rollers with a silicone base lubricant spray. Be careful that you do not put too much spray on. Then clean the track out.

The power went out, and I cannot get out of my garage.

Pull the manual release cord gently with one hand and with the other hand lift the door.

How do I code-in my handsets (remotes)

Each handset model has different coding instructions best to Google the model number and download instructions.