Sectional Wooden Garage Doors

Gryphon Wood-Look Doors have a realistic Wood-grain Finish so natural looking you will think its real Wood (without all of the maintenance hassles).

Our Wood Look Doors are available in 2 standard shades:

  • Caoba (Darker shade)
  • Classic Cedar (lighter shade)

Deco Wood Range:

  • American Oak – Ironbark – Kwila
  • Casuarina – Bush Cherry – Western Red Cedar
  • Chestnut – Wenge – Jarrah


Our Wood Look Garage Doors are made using the highest quality materials and have Gryphons Exclusive 12 year structural warranty.

Only our sectional garage doors are available in wood-look, have a look at all our sectional doors designs here.



Ask your design consultant to view samples.

Slimline-(ribline) Profile – Caoba Colour



Slimline (ribline) Profile – Cedar Colour 

Note- Roller Doors are only available in standard Colorbond Colours.


Everyone loves the elegant look of natural wood. It offers an air of beauty and sophistication, an irresistible aesthetic for any home.

While, to some, choosing a garage door may feel like a tedious and unimportant task, we view this aspect of creating your home’s external appearance as the essential decision it is. Your garage door is a significant contributing factor to your home’s outward appearance. How does it complement the rest of your home’s design and aesthetic scheme? How does it contribute to your curb appeal?

We believe that the decision of which garage door to invest in can transform the external look of your home. That’s why, from modern to traditional house designs, we recommend wood look garage doors.


Versatility for Any Home

Regardless of the type of home you have, a wood look garage door will blend in seamlessly and beautifully with the appearance of your house. Whether your home embodies a modern look by incorporating the latest and greatest of home design, or if its look summons images of simpler times with its traditional aesthetic, the rich and welcoming hues of wood look garage doors will not go amiss. The natural wood look can find its place in any home.

The versatility does not end there, however. Wood look doors come in a variety of hues and colours. With the darker shade of Caoba to the lighter shade of Classic Cedar, you can find a look that gives your home the upgrade it deserves. From the rich, darker wood tones to the lighter look, we have just what your home needs.

With woods ranging from American Oak, to Bush Cherry, to Chestnut, to Western Red Cedar and everything in between, we have the perfect wood look garage door your home needs to look its best. Are you a fan of the deep red tones of the Bush Cherry look? Or do you love the classic appearance of the American Oak? Whatever you have in mind, we can deliver—helping your home to look its best for years to come with a high-quality, low-maintenance garage door solution.


A Look You Can’t Match

Our wood look garage doors blend in beautifully with your home’s existing aesthetic while providing an authentic and warm appearance to the atmosphere. Few things are more inviting than the visual look of wood doors. Their rich and welcoming hues are the perfect blend of modernity and elegance, adding an interesting and stunning element to absolutely any home.

With wood-look doors, you can have the best of both worlds. Not only is this look incredibly versatile and ideal to complement both modern and traditional homes alike, the end product is simply gorgeous. The rich and warm appearance is the perfect way to transform a house, into a home. For a welcoming vibe you wouldn’t mind coming home to every single day, call us about getting your wood look garage doors installed now!

Get Your Free Measure and Quote Today!

Are you ready to see what a difference a wood-look garage door can make in improving your home? We don’t blame you. To get started in getting your wood look garage door installed and availing of all the benefits that come with having one, get in touch with us today for your free measure and quote!

The free measure and quote we offer for your home is the perfect opportunity to get an expert opinion on the colour and wood-look you’d ultimately like to go for to make your home look its best—or simply to share your ideas of what you have in mind. Based on the type of wood-look garage door you decide to go with and the size of the garage it’s going in, we’ll be able to give you an accurate quote for getting your garage door installed in no time at all!