Terms & Conditions


  1. This contract contains all and every terms and condition of the supply contract. Anything stated outside of this contract, verbally or otherwise, will not be a condition of the supply agreement for the product listed in this document.
  2. This contract does not come into force until the deposit has been paid in clear funds either by cash or credit card, or deposited into our nominated bank account. Client will be contacted within five business days following deposit clearance to arrange installation.
  3. To achieve the optimum installation result the floor of the garage must be flat and level. In the event that it is not and a taper is required this will incur extra costs. Our sales representative will advise the client of this cost. Notwithstanding the fact that Gryphon will make best endeavours to ensure no gaps appear following installation, gaps may still occur with a taper due to the garage floor not being flat, square, or level. Gryphon takes no responsibility for gaps that may occur as a result.
  4. Gryphon takes no responsibility for any damage or repair work required following removal of existing doors.
  5. Gryphon reserves the right to charge fees in relation to bank charges incurred in processing credit card transactions, dishonoured cheques, any debt collections costs fees and interest, and any finance arrangements entered into.
  6. Uneven brickwork/lintel may affect final finish. Gap tolerance on doors to brickwork is standard. All doors will be installed and materials used to be GGD specifications only.
  7. Flashings are only available in the standard colour range. Powder coated colours vary from standard colour charts and Gryphon takes no responsibility for this variation. Any deviation from the colour chart deemed not to be a material change, does not void the obligations of the buyer under this contract.
  8. GGD reserves the right to use touch up paint to repair any small marks on colorbond, powdercoat and timberlook surfaces.
  9. Paint buffing may occur to the finger proof rolled edge. This will not interfere in the operation of your door.
  10. If a door is manufactured and available for installation, but the client requests Gryphon to hold the door for longer than 14 days, the door must be paid for in full, or a daily storage fee will apply.
  11. If a door is booked for installation and the area is not available on the day and time of installation, a call out fee will apply to the futile trip in addition to the cost of the door and installation.
  12. A 3-pin 240 volt GPO is required for all installations. It is the client’s responsibility to provide this. Removal of light fittings and other obstructions to the operation of the door is the responsibility of the purchaser.
  13. Until payment is made in full all products and stock supplied by Gryphon remains the property of Gryphon. Gryphon reserves the right to enter the premises where its property is held and remove it without consultation with the client if payment is not made within 7 days of installation. Gryphon takes no responsibility for any damage caused in the removal of its property.
  14. In the event of a client defaulting on its payment obligations the client is liable for all collection costs including but not limited to, legal fees, interest, removal costs, bank fees, and any other collection costs.
  15. Payment terms are an agreed deposit up front on order and balance payable on the day of installation in clear funds. In the event payment is not paid in full on the day of installation Gryphon reserves the right to hold the remote handsets until payment is received in full or other arrangements. For payments are made that are acceptable to Gryphon.
  16. Warranty is active when payment is made in full.
  17. The door will be installed as per the dimensions shown in this contract. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure the height and width of the door is sufficient to house any vehicles, boats etc that the client is looking to store in the garage or space. The client is also responsible for any and all council or statutory approvals in relation to the installation of the door. Gryphon takes no responsibility for doors installed contrary to councill laws.
  18. The customer is responsible for providing the noggings for the tracks, motor and the front mounting spring bracket.
  19. We recommend your door be serviced every 12-18 months to avoid problems occurring with the operation of the door.
  20. In order to maintain your warranty you must have your door serviced by an authorised service technician every 12-18 months.
  21. Personal information collected is treated strictly in accordance with privacy laws applicable in Australia.