Garage Door Prices

There can be a lot to consider when buying a garage door, even if you’ve gone through the process before. Without getting multiple quotes it can prove very difficult to get an idea of a garage door price, and what to expect in regards to pricing if you want to choose different materials or customised options.

Our expert team believes you should have all the information possible so that you can make an informed choice when purchasing a garage door for your property.

Types of Garage Doors

There is a huge range of design options for garage doors to choose from. While there are three common types, sectional, roller and custom doors, each is available in a diverse range of styles and colours.

Enhance your home’s overall safety and curb appeal with a custom-made, stylish sectional garage door. From whisper-quiet motors to finger proof panels, all our doors are designed to create a pleasant visual and operational experience that complements your lifestyle.

Choose any colour from the entire Colorbond range, as well as an extensive choice of optional extras that help improve security, minimise noise and protect your home from the elements. Explore our roller door range and features, including motorised garage doors for added convenience.

If you like the natural and timeless classic look of wood, we offer an elegant range of wood-look garage doors, including DecoWood and Timba Grain wood-look steel garage doors. View our exclusive range of hand-painted wood-look options including Teak, Jarrah, and Western Red Cedar.

Elevate your home’s appearance to the next level with a custom-designed, automatic garage door. Choose your insert colour and type, frame style and material with the choice of optional extras that allow for added ventilation and security. Already have an idea in mind? Let’s build it.

We supply and install 100% Australian made industrial and commercial sectional and roller doors including steel roller shutters designed to keep your business safe and secure. View our custom options, including aluminium grills, perforated doors, powder coat colours and more.

Looking to create the ultimate outdoor-indoor entertaining experience? Entertain outdoors protected from the elements in complete comfort all year-round with Gryphon’s track guided outdoor blinds system. View how you can extend your home and instantly create a new space.

Garage door window inserts are cost-effective and a great way to enhance your home’s exterior and increase natural light within the garage. View our selection of garage door window panels and window insert sizes available for a range of garage doors profiles.

What Impacts Pricing?

Before you make a purchase, it’s important to understand that there are many factors that may impact your garage door price such as location, installation, motor type, size and materials.

Perth Garage Door Prices

Here are the standard garage door prices for Perth. Garage door installation prices can vary widely depending on the type and whether additional components also require installation.

Roller Doors Profile

Single Door – (Manual) $1100 – $2200
Double Door – (Manual) $2200 – $4000


COLORBOND Sectional Doors Profile

Single Door – $2400 – $3000
Double Door – $3000 – $4000


Wood-Look Doors Profile

Single Door – $2700 – $3300
Double Door – $3300 – $3900


Custom Design Doors Profile

Single Door – $5000 – $6500
Double Door – $6500 – $9000


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of garage doors?

Garage doors come in many different shapes and sizes. Their functions can also range widely, from being a cosmetic concealment all the way to a form of security. Most of the time, they can be categorized into a few simple styles, including Roller Doors, Sectional Doors and Custom Garage Doors, with some more common for residential or commercial use.

How Much Does Removing My Old Garage Door Cost?

Removing and disposing of your old garage door can cost as little as $50.

How Does A Garage Door Impact My Insurance?

Some insurance companies may charge you more for not securely protecting your vehicle. By properly protecting your vehicle against break-ins with a durable garage door, you can likely expect lower insurance premiums.

Is It Possible To Upgrade My Garage Door Without Replacing It Entirely?

Some features such as automation and door openers can be fitted retroactively. Features such as window inserts must be installed at the time of purchase of your garage door.