3 of Australia’s Booming Industries

Find out what industries are driving the Australian job market, and which sectors are ready for new businesses. If your dream is to own your business, whether it is making people smile every morning with the lifeblood coffee is, or serving up pure decadence on a menu you constructed for your restaurant—  You might want […]

A rock-solid strategy for choosing commercial property & building insurance suited to your business needs

Whether you own a small cafe, factory or large warehouse there will come a time where you need to ask yourself what business insurance do I need in Australia? Do I really need business insurance? As a business owner, it’s in your best interest to protect what is yours and possibly, the lifeblood of your […]

Converting Your Garage Into A Granny Flat? Here’s what you need to know

Deciding to convert your garage into a habitual space is no easy task. Where do you even begin? Unfortunately, it’s not just a matter of throwing in a couch and television, although we can see the appeal.  When it comes to converting your garage into a granny flat you need to consider what’s actually missing, […]

Is a Carport Better Than a Garage?

A common misconception is that a carport and garage are the same thing. While the 2 do have similarities; both offer undercover protection from the rain and sun, there are some key distinct features to tell them apart. In this article we explain the key differences between a carport and a garage, as well as […]

How to Modernise A Brick Home

If you’re someone who’s home was built in the 1970s, you’re probably already searching for ways to modernise your brick home and improve the exterior. The question is, what makes a home modern? If you asked any builder, the most obvious answer would be to render the exterior of your home. These days, most homes […]

How To Soundproof Your Garage

The garage is a great place to carry out hobbies such as band practice, carpentry and working on your car. It’s a secluded area away from everything else allowing you to really focus on honing your skills. As much as you love tinkering away in your garage workshop or banging the drums, your wife or […]

What Colour Should Your Garage Door Be?

Gryphon’s guide on choosing the perfect colour for your garage door. Choosing a garage door colour is perhaps one of life’s biggest struggles. We find ourselves asking the same question over and over again… Will it match the rest of my home? It’s a totally valid question, especially since it takes up 30% of your […]

To Attach, or Not to Attach the Garage, That is The Question

Discover the pros and cons of an attached vs detached garage. Whether you’re building or renovating a home, this debate usually starts off with Mr DIY wanting more workspace to tinker with his cars or store his endless list of power tools but the wife has a different vision. On one hand, an attached garage […]

Most Interesting Car Parks in The World

If you think about how far car parks have come and we mean really think about it, patch of grass, side of the road, and a bunch of white lines drawn on the ground, it’s safe to say they’ve come along way. We often take car parks for granted, after all they are usually just […]

A Car Collectors Dream Come True

Making the decision to become a car collector isn’t an easy one. Yes, you may have an undeniable passion for classic, luxury, or JDM motor vehicles, but do you have the space to incorporate your new found hobby? Do you know where and how you are going to store your collection? If you do not […]