The Most Popular Home Designs In Perth

Garage Doors , House   Brett Rowley  | 21 August 2021

As of July 2021, Perth is the longest city in the world, spanning over 123 kilometres.  Urban sprawl is most definitely prevalent in Perth and most people would prefer to live in a house on their own block of land rather than an apartment building.  The great Australian dream that characterised the 1960s featured each household owning their own quarter acre block, with a hills hoist clothesline out the back and a Holden in the garage.  

This has led to Perth having many great homes and a wide range of home designs, most of which have a garage. 

As such, your garage door will offer an opportunity to further personalise the front of your home and accentuate your home’s design. That being said, here are some of Perth’s most popular home designs and the garage doors that pair with them. 


Perth’s Most Popular Home Designs

What is the most popular home layout? Because of Perth’s urban sprawl, there are many different homes in our city.  Here is a list of some of the most popular, in no specific order:

Farmhouse Homes 

A farmhouse home is a very traditional home style.  Just as the name suggests, this style is adopted from rural Australia.  Usually one story, they prioritise practicality, simplicity and rustic charm.  Though these have a traditional element to them, people get creative with what they can do and there are certainly farmhouse homes with a contemporary element in Perth. 

The Modern Two-Story Home

Worldwide, population density has forced people to build upwards rather than outwards.  Despite Perth having plenty of land, made obvious as it is the longest city in the world and has a population density 385 times smaller than that of places like Manilla, Perth has still tried the trend of building upwards.  Instead of fitting more people in one spot, Perth homes simply want more space, which can be achieved by a second story.  These homes typically have a modernist style with open living spaces.  These homes are usually for families and allow each member to have their own area of the house, such as; a kid’s playroom, a mancave, adults living room, and bedrooms. 

Modernist Homes

Modernist homes are typically square and very popular in Perth.  Made popular in the 1950s and 60s, the modernist home is easy to replicate and cheap to build.  They are usually made from brick and paved the way to open space living.

Art Deco

This gothic inspired style was incredibly popular in Paris during the roaring 20s.  It is simplistic like the modernist style.  Art deco is a term that is used to describe; jewellery, furniture and many forms of art.  Art Deco homes often have a series of straight lines running parallel to each other and corners tend to be curved.

Federation Bungalow

Federation bungalow homes are your typical run of the mill home in Perth.  They were built in the 1914s and onwards.  Cheap, easy to build and comfortable.  This style of home is especially plentiful in Mount Lawley, Highgate and Inglewood areas.


Perth’s Garage Doors

Because Perth covers such a massive area, it is essentially compulsory to own a car if you’re going to live in the suburbs.  That means homes in Perth need a place to store their cars.  It also means Perth homes typically have residential garages and residential garage doors.  Depending on what sort of home you own and what your needs are, there will be a garage door that best suits your needs.  Understanding what those needs are will help you choose which garage door is best.  Here are some garage door ideas you can use if you’re looking to renovate or build:

Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are garage doors made from a single sheet of corrugated metal that is coiled and stowed away overhead.  These doors are low cost and are great for high traffic areas because they can be easily and quickly opened and closed.  They aren’t flashy and very simple.  Because of this, roller garage doors are perfect for federation bungalows and farmhouse homes.  These homes have nothing to prove, and neither do roller garage doors.  The door will provide you with security from the elements and intrusion and not much else.  The federation bungalow and farmhouse home don’t need anything more. 

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are probably the most popular residential garage door in Perth.  It is simplistic yet still carries an element of luxury.  These garage doors come in a range of colours and materials such as; acrylic, aluminium composite and polycarbonate.  They can also come with garage door window inserts so you can see out of your garage, even while it is shut.  These types of garage doors are suited to art deco, modernist and two-story homes.  They are very versatile.

Wood-Look Garage Doors

Wood-look garage doors are garage doors that, as the name suggests, look like wood.  These doors are typically a sectional garage door style choice, and will work well with homes that sectional garage doors suit.  However, you will want to consider the other materials your home is made of before you decide on a wood-look garage door.  If your home is made from lots of whites, a wooden garage door may look strange and out of place.  The wood-look garage door is best suited for homes that already feature a lot of natural colours.

Insulated Garage Doors

Not much of a style choice, but instead a functionality choice, you can get insulated garage doors.  Perth can have extreme weather, so lots of Perth garage doors are in fact insulated.  This means you will not have to spend as much power moderating temperature in your home which means you will save money and the things in your garage will be at less risk to the elements.

Custom Garage Doors 

Gryphon Garage Doors can custom make your perfect garage door based on your needs.  You can select from over 24 different colours and several materials.  Your garage door can come in many different styles as well, such as; garage roller doors, wood-look garage doors, sectional stanford, sectional fineline, sectional ribline, sectional flatline, sectional ranch and sectional heritage garage doors.  Whatever your Perth based garage door needs may be, Gryphon Garage Doors will be able to help.


Where to get your garage door serviced, repaired and installed 

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Brett Rowley

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