Choosing the right home insurance, and will my garage door be covered?

Article , House   Brett Rowley  | 18 August 2022

You’re finally the proud new owner of an apartment or house. Being probably the largest asset you’ll ever own, it’s vital to ensure you and your abode are covered by insurance if things go wrong. But when should I get home insurance? Well, to put it simply, it’s one of the first things you should be doing. In some cases, you may find that banks won’t even lend you the money for a mortgage without having adequate home insurance. Do check your garage door cover too – people often don’t, then rue it long after. If you need care for your garage doors Perth is a city blessed with a great company who’ll look after everything. 


Things To Consider When Choosing Home Insurance

You don’t want to end up taking out the wrong policy, whether it be contents insurance, home insurance, or a joint contents and home insurance policy. It can end up costing you a lot more than you might have originally budgeted. However, choosing the right home insurance policy isn’t at the top of everyone’s list as it can be a complicated and difficult task. 

One of the best and simplest things you can do to start with is to do a quick scoot around some insurance websites. This will help you to better understand the tricky world of home insurance as there’s some complex jargon involved that you might not necessarily be familiar with. It’ll also help you to get to know what assets of your home insurance the policy actually covers. Does it provide you with cover in the event of structural damage due to an earthquake? Does it provide your garage and garage doors a level of cover too? What about if a guest was injured in your home, would they be covered for medical bills? 

Another thing to consider, and an important one, is the amount your property is actually insured for. So what’s the most I can insure my home for? Well, it wouldn’t be beneficial to you if the sum insured was significantly less than your property’s value, not to mention the deductible amount required if a claim was made. It’s vitally important you pick a deductible amount you can afford as although it can help to make cheap home insurance by lowering those arduous monthly payments, it can also come back to bite you if you needed to make a claim that you then couldn’t afford. 

To get the best home insurance options and to ensure you take all of the above points into consideration, you may want to compare house insurance quotes by using a home insurance comparison website. Even better, try a home and contents insurance comparison website. Not only do they give you the best options for you price-wise from trusted providers like RAC Home Insurance, but they’ll clearly lay out all of the above points and more, so you can make the most informed choice when it comes to purchasing a house and contents insurance policy. 


Is My Garage Door Covered? Are Repairs Included Too?  

Whilst you may not immediately think of your garage door being included in a home insurance policy, more often than not, they will in fact be covered. This is because your garage door is technically part of the property and is therefore considered part of the house. If you’re still unsure, the first thing you should do is to check your home insurance policy. You may find that your garage door is noted down as part of the dwelling of the house, and covered as a result. If you’ve gone through your policy, and still can’t find any mention of your garage door being covered then it’s best to ring your insurance house and ask an advisor. They’ll be able to assist you with any queries you may have relating to your policy. 

If your insurance query is damage-related, or if there’s a mechanical issue like the garage door not opening for example, before getting on the phone with your insurance company, we’d suggest taking a quick look at this extremely handy article. It covers the six most popular garage door problems and what you should do to get it sorted. 

If, after a bit of DIY self-diagnosis, you still can’t get to the bottom of the problem, Gryphon Garage Doors can help. We understand that sometimes accidents and incidents may happen. If your garage door has been damaged, whether that’s through a vehicular accident, burglary, or even just a mechanical issue, the professionals at Gryphon Garage Doors are there for your peace of mind. With a huge range of brand-new spare parts and garage door motors, we offer a hassle-free, reliable garage door repairs service suitable for all types of garage doors. Or, if needed, we offer a comprehensive replace garage doors service. If you’re in a bit of a pickle and at a loose end as to what to do, let the expert technicians at Gryphon Garage Doors help. The best in garage door repairs Perth can offer. 

Alternatively, we can also provide you with a written insurance claim assessment quote. If in the unlikely event your garage door isn’t covered under your home insurance policy, we’ll help you to find the best solution tailored to your budget. 


How Can I Make My Home More Secure?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics ‘Crime Victimisation 19-20’ report, a little under 5% of all Australian households experienced an actual or attempted burglary. Totting up these numbers brings you to a staggeringly high 423,900 properties that were broken into (or attempted). Though often separate from the main building, your garage is an important part of your property. Likely housing your valuable car, workshop tools, and possibly expensive home gym equipment, the safety and security of your garage is just as important as the main house. Some might say it’s even more important, as it serves as a low-key, vulnerable access point to your property. One of the best ways for you to make your home more secure is to replace your garage doors, especially if it’s old. This is likely a good entry point for an opportunistic burglar.  It’s worth mentioning, however, that the likelihood of becoming a victim of burglary is low, though it still pays to be on the cautious side when it comes to you, your property, and your family’s safety. 


Who Can Help?

If you think your property could benefit from a garage door service or replacement and are based in either Perth or Melbourne, Gryphon Garage Doors are here to help. Using only the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship, we can help you to find the perfect garage door that not only helps keep your home safe and secure but complements your home and lifestyle too. Interested? Visit our website today for a free, no obligations quote, or alternatively contact us via phone or email at [email protected].

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