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How to Pick the Best Garage Door for Your Property

Garage Doors , House , Information , News   Gryphon Team  | 21 August 2021

Garage roller doors and garage roller shutters are often thought to be the same thing, and more people than not wouldn’t be able to tell you what the difference is.  There is definitely a difference and understanding what it is will give you the tools required to select if a roller door or a roller shutter is best suited for your security screen needs on your property.  

What is a Roller Shutter?

A garage roller shutter is not the same as a garage roller door.  A garage roller shutter is made from a series of connecting and interlocking parts, typically using high grade aluminium or steel.  Garage roller shutters are used for more specific reasons than garage roller doors, such as fire protection and terror protection.  This is because the interlocking parts and hinges offer far more resilience than roller doors, so roller shutters can withstand fire and intruders far longer than roller doors.  As you could imagine, roller shutters are used in places that require more security, such as; retail stores, schools, universities, airports, banks, hospitals and supermarkets.  The point of roller shutters is to withstand vandalism and keep a barrier between your things and intruders.  Roller shutters are also used to maintain a level of insulation, meaning you can save power on temperature control, as well as keep sound in or out.  Roller shutters also offer security from vermin, which otherwise might be able to get into your property.  

What is a Roller Door?

A garage roller door also offers a great deal of security that separates you from the elements, intruders and vermin, just not as thorough as garage roller shutters.  This does not mean they are worse than roller shutters, it simply means garage roller doors offer different benefits and are used in different scenarios.  Garage roller doors are made from a single curtain of corrugated sheet metal that is easily rolled up and down and can be done so quickly.  They are not made out of many interlocking parts like the roller shutter.  Because the roller door can be opened and closed easily, they are great for high traffic areas and garages.  They are used in locations that do not need heavy-duty security, such as; homes and industrial properties.  Roller doors are also used for sheds and warehouses.

Pros of a Roller Shutter

As previously mentioned, roller shutters are designed to be heavy-duty and therefore are ultimate in security.  Roller shutters, since they are made of individual, interlocking parts, can easily be fixed if they are damaged.  You can just replace the single part.

Cons of a Roller Shutter

Unfortunately, roller shutters are more expensive.  The individual parts require more installation time with a professional and the material used is often thicker and more high quality than that of a roller door.  Additionally, they take longer to open and close, meaning they are not very well suited to high traffic areas.

Pros of a Roller Door

A roller door is cheaper and can come in a range of sizes that are easier to install.  They are suitable for a small shed, house, or an industrial warehouse.  They are versatile and easy to use which makes them perfect for high traffic areas.

Cons of a Roller Door

The most obvious downside to the roller door is that they are not as secure as roller shutters.  However, this does not mean that they are not secure.  Garage roller doors can be made out of high-grade reinforced steel.  But the fact they are a single sheet of metal means they are structurally weaker than roller shutters.  Additionally, roller doors can be expensive to fix because often you will need to replace the entire door, not just a single segment like a roller shutter.  So even if they may be more cost effective at first, costs may begin to accumulate.

Things to consider

As with any purchase, there are a number of things you must consider based on your own specific needs before you make a decision.  This is no different with garage doors.

  1. Space   

Before you do anything, you must consider the amount of space you have on your property to install a screen door.  Is there enough roof space overhead for a door that is coiled up?  Observe your area thoroughly. 

  1. Security 

Do you need the high level of security that roller shutters offer you?  What are you trying to secure?  If you are a retail store that has many valuable goods, this may be the case.  However, if it is simply guarding an industrial workspace or something similar, you probably don’t need the heavy-duty security garage roller shutters offer, and instead can settle with garage roller doors.  

  1. Traffic

If there is a need to open and close the security screen often, the roller door is far the better option for you.  They are quick and easy to open and close.  Roller shutters will offer more difficulty in high traffic areas.  

  1. Budget

You will need to make sure the screen you are installing is within your budget.  Roller shutters can be more expensive than roller doors, so they may be out of budget.  Roller doors are cheaper, however, there is no point getting an electric roller door if it will send you over budget.  Observe the cost you are willing to spend before making a decision, it will help you select what is best for you.

Who Can Help?

For all of your security screen needs, there is no one that knows more about garage roller shutters or garage roller doors in Perth than Gryphon Garage Doors.  If you are Perth based and have any queries relating to roller shutters or roller doors, Gryphon Garage Doors will definitely be able to help.  Visit our easy-to-use website today for a free quote, or contact us over phone or email to talk to one of our friendly roller shutter and roller door professionals today.

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