Weather Proofing Your Garage

Always wondered why there was that cold draft seeping into your home despite all the windows and doors being closed? Or it may be that your air conditioning does not seem like its operating at optimal temperatures during those hot summer days. You may not suspect it, but your garage door is most likely the […]

My Garage Door Won’t Open or Shut

  Having your garage door malfunction on you just as you are about to leave your home or locking you inside can be quite a pain and frustrating to deal with. It can happen at any time, whether it is right before a job interview, dropping the kids off to school or going to work. […]

Wooden Garage Doors Vs Wood-Look

  If you are looking to replace your garage door or are building a new home and can’t make a decision on a genuine wooden garage door or wooden look then we have devised the perfect compare and contrast to help you make the right decision. Ultimately, the garage door is the gateway to your […]

Childproof Features For Your Home

Parenthood comes with a monstrous amount of added concerns to keep your child safe, and the home is one of the most important to get right. Here are a handful of steps to ensure your house is fit for a child to grow in a cosy, safe environment. Stairs and steps Gravity is still new […]

Is Your House Winter-Ready?

  With temperatures fast creeping back to single digits, it’s time to prepare your house for those chilly winter months. To make sure your home survives the chilly weather – and you don’t waste energy in the process – there are a handful of easy tips to cosy up to.   Check for leaks While […]

Tips for a Healthy Winter Garden in Australia

  While it’s easy to mistake Winter as a time for gardens to suffer, Australia’s winter is actually quite mild compared to the rest of the world. Our days are still filled with moments of sunshine, so not all’s lost for your garden. Don’t let your flora take a hit during the winter months – […]

How to Paint a Garage Door?

Steps To Revive Your Garage Door Reviving your garage door can seem like a daunting task and you’re probably wondering where do I even start? It’s easy to put this task on hold but considering your garage contributes to almost fifty percent of your homes front exterior image, having a rundown garage can drastically bring […]

Keep the Warmth in This Winter

Why you should insulate your garage door With winter knocking on our doors, the temperatures begin to drop and the cold settles in. We rug up, turn our heaters on and try to avoid going outside as much as possible. Unfortunately, stepping into that cold dark garage is inevitable because at the end of the […]

Gryphon Garage Doors Now Operating in Melbourne

Gryphon Garage Doors has a history with the city of Melbourne. Since the business has been relaunched, being able to serve our Customers in Victoria once again was one of our biggest priorities. It took some effort and organisation but it was all worth it, as we are happy to announce our Melbourne branch is […]

Tools and Tips to Plan Your Home Renovation The Right Way

Too many things can go wrong during a home renovation, whether it is large or small, if not planned correctly can be disastrous. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to a home renovation and you can throw the notion of DIY network television out the window. That being said, with precise planning, and a few simple […]