How to Paint a Garage Door?

Steps To Revive Your Garage Door Reviving your garage door can seem like a daunting task and you’re probably wondering where do I even start? It’s easy to put this task on hold but considering your garage contributes to almost fifty percent of your homes front exterior image, having a rundown garage can drastically bring […]

Keep the Warmth in This Winter

Why you should insulate your garage door With winter knocking on our doors, the temperatures begin to drop and the cold settles in. We rug up, turn our heaters on and try to avoid going outside as much as possible. Unfortunately, stepping into that cold dark garage is inevitable because at the end of the […]

Gryphon Garage Doors Now Operating in Melbourne

Gryphon Garage Doors has a history with the city of Melbourne. Since the business has been relaunched, being able to serve our Customers in Victoria once again was one of our biggest priorities. It took some effort and organisation but it was all worth it, as we are happy to announce our Melbourne branch is […]

Tools and Tips to Plan Your Home Renovation The Right Way

Too many things can go wrong during a home renovation, whether it is large or small, if not planned correctly can be disastrous. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to a home renovation and you can throw the notion of DIY network television out the window. That being said, with precise planning, and a few simple […]

6 Reasons To Keep Your Car In A Garage

Are you considering whether keeping the car in the garage or remodel this space into an extra room for your home? We’re here to help you think it through! In our latest blog, we share with you 6 advantages to keep your car in a garage. Protect your car from the weather As we all […]

4 Ways to Protect Your Garage From Break Ins

Our home is our castle and feeling safe inside our homes is paramount, but often, we’re not aware of how safe the area in which we live really is. How safe is your neighbourhood? In February 2018, the WA Police released data revealing the results of crime profiling across suburbs of Perth. By searching for […]

How to Remodel Your Garage to Fit Your Passion

Currently have a passion but are confined to the space your home has? Whether it is gardening, painting, sewing, crafting or even exercising, all of these activities can quickly take a lot of your home space if you decide to pursue it seriously. You may not realise but there is a huge space sitting right […]

Tips and Ideas to Organise Your Garage

  If you are currently running an obstacle course every time you need to enter your garage or playing Tetris each time you park the cars then you are in need of a garage makeover. At this point your garage is probably looking like a jungle and asking yourself ‘where do I even start?’ Plan […]

Quick and Easy Steps to Spruce Up Your Home Exterior

As longtime home owners we are guilty of neglecting our homes exterior as the years have ticked away. The paint has faded; stain covered driveways and paths riddled with pesky weeds, overgrown gardens and lifeless light fixtures that don’t shine. All these signs point to one direction, a house exterior makeover! We have devised a […]