What’s New in The World of Garage Doors 2020

Garage Doors   Brett Rowley  | 08 April 2020

Discover the benefits of a smart garage door opener and take complete control over your home’s largest entrance.

The world of garage doors in 2019 was the year for being bold & beautiful.

Darker shades and colours, black, in particular, took the world by storm as more homeowners searched for ways to not only increase their curb appeal but also the overall value of their home.

Apart from aesthetics, we also saw a need for functionality with an increase in custom made garage doors, which utilised more glass to allow for more natural light into the home.

There’s also been a massive shift in how homes are designed and built, with the market moving towards more ‘passive’ homes. 

With an eye for efficiency, Australian’s realise insulating their garage doors was a cost-effective method to combat expensive energy bills, but also the harsh Australian climate.

There is one trend however, that seems like it’s here to stay and for a good reason too.

In 2019, smart garage doors were an emerging trend that not only made our lives easier it also gave us more security, it gave homeowners peace of mind.

Now it’s 2020 and it looks like smart door technology is here to stay.

Thanks to the advancements in garage door technology, smart garage door openers and applications have become an essential part of living for most Aussie homeowners.

Now, if you’re sitting there wondering what on earth is a smart garage door/opener — you’re not alone. 

In this article, we explain the benefits of smart garage door technology and how it can improve your home’s security, accessibility and lifestyle.

Added security for peace of mind

Thanks to smart garage door openers, you are now able to track the status of your garage door, event history and even be alerted when there is suspicious activity going on.

For example, if you left the garage door open after unloading the groceries and forgot to close the garage, you’ll be notified via an alert on your mobile device in real-time.

Some apps can be integrated with your home security system and be programmed to trigger the security camera to start recording or take a picture if the garage is opened or closed at peculiar times.

Smart door technology gives homeowners peace of mind, offering unconditional control to their homes security 24/7.

Accessibility — close your garage door on the way to work

Ever had that feeling that you might’ve left the garage door open on the way to work? So much so, that you had to turn around and go back home just to double check you closed it? Well, now you won’t have to worry. 

Smart garage door openers allow you to control the status of your garage door anywhere at any time from the palm of your hand. At the touch of a button, you are able to open and close your garage door through an application using your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC. 

This also removes the need to carry around a bulky garage remote and also not forgetting the chance that you could misplace your remote. There’s also the option of connecting it to voice activation assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google, providing the model chosen is compatible.

Or try out hands-free mode, which uses your mobile devices GPS and bluetooth to open and close your door as you approach and leave your driveway.

Easy install to a convenient lifestyle

If you’re thinking about how on earth are you going to install the thing, well to be completely honest, it’s not challenging at all and can typically take around one to two hours to install.

There are many advantages when it comes to investing in a smart garage door opener. Even if you’re not very tech-savvy, operating smart garage door applications is as simple as using the TV remote. 

The device offers connectivity to a wide range of smart devices, including mobile phones, tablets, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. If you have an established smart home, syncing a smart garage door opener is as easy as connecting to your home wifi.

Having the convenience of a smart door opener is the difference in being able to check the status of your garage door (if you think you’re forgot to close it) while on the way to work, or having to turn around and drive back home. 

It’s peace of mind knowing you have unconditional access and control over the security of your garage and home.

Being able to consolidate your daily routine, relieve doubts and fear, and having the most basic ability to open and shut your garage door from your smartphone are the simple things in life that make our lives easier.

Not complicated, just smarter

Gryphons Smart Door Technology helps consolidate your daily routines, making life easier for everyone at home. Designed for every type of person — from the technophobe mum’s & dad’s right through to the tech-savvy enthusiasts, making them a great investment in every home.

Additional perks for those who are looking to do more with their Gryphon Smart Door can include installing a camera which allows homeowners to monitor the activity inside the garage from anywhere in the world.

Take the first step towards a Smart Home, talk to us!

Brett Rowley

Brett is a garage door expert who also runs Gryphon Garage Doors. He strives for great customer service, excellent product knowledge and constant innovation.