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How To Stay Ahead Of The Curve | Top 5 Garage Door Design Trends For 2020

Garage Doors , Thanks Page   Brett Rowley  | 29 March 2019

Whether you’re purchasing a garage door for your new home or looking to replace your old door, here are the top 5 garage door design trends you need to know.

1. The bolder the better

They say history repeats itself, and what was once a cult TV classic from the 80s; The Bold and The Beautiful, has made its way to the top 5 garage door design trends for 2019. Long gone are the days of your standard white or cream coloured garage doors that hid behind the facade of your homes exterior image.

In 2019 its all about being Bold and Beautiful.

Imagine this, your garage door is the gateway to your home, it also takes up to 60% of your homes front image, and then you paint it a lifeless white. How does that look?

Let’s rephrase that.

Your garage door has the ability to add to your homes curb appeal and can increase your homes overall value. Sounds much better doesn’t it?

Customising or purchasing a garage door design that’s bold, dark and beautiful is all the rage of 2019 that has people turning their garage doors into standout features.

To add to this madness, the shade black has taken the garage door design world by storm with more enthusiasts turning to the colour to achieve a sleek, modern and sophisticated look.  

custom Design Aluminum Composite Charcoal Garage Door

2. Shine a little light

Custom Built Garage Doors with Glass Inserts for Living Rooms

The need for more space in our homes has become a top priority when building and shopping for homes as we find ourselves constantly asking the question how many square metres is it?

What about all that empty space in your garage? Your garage is more than just a place to park your car as we find more people are converting their garages into laundries, gyms, workshops, and home offices.

This has created an urge for more natural light.

Custom garage doors now allow you to get a little more creative with how you let natural light in by incorporating windows, ventilation and even complete glass garage doors.

3. Save on energy costs


If you live in Australia then you ought to know a thing or two about the Australian climate.

Each year our energy bills skyrocket as we push our air conditioners to the limit in summer to cope with 40 degree heat and crank up the heaters in winter to fight the cold.

What you may not realise is how much heat or cold is lost if your garage door is not insulated.

A well-insulated garage door with high R-value helps regulate extreme temperatures all year round and effectively reduce your energy bills.

Gryphon Garage Doors Perth have managed to combine innovation and style by using Polyurethane that is up to 30% more effective that Polystyrene.

Apart from regulating the temperature, an insulated garage door will also help reduce outside noise, giving you a better nights sleep.

4. Not complicated, just smarter

Like anything in this world, our need for convenience and ease of use has become an integral part of living.

From face timing a family member from the other side of the world using a smartphone, to unlocking your laptop using your fingerprint, we are always finding ways to make our lives easier.

So why not smart garage doors?

There has been a huge increase in wi-fi connected garage door openers that allow you to operate your garage door using your mobile phone. Who would’ve thought you’d be opening your garage door with your phone? My dad certainly did not.

And if you’re a forgetful person like I am, thinking did I remember to close the garage door this morning? You can simply open the application on your mobile phone and check at any time, anywhere.

5. You are in control with custom made garage doors

Whether you’re building a new home or purchasing a new door, we can all agree that much time has been spent into creating your homes exterior image.

We can probably also agree that much time is spent in trying to find the perfect garage door that not only satisfies practicality but also your homes overall look.

The term one size fits all just doesn’t cut it anymore and this brings us to one of our biggest trends of 2019 and even of 2018, custom made garage doors.

Bringing freedom back to the people, a custom made garage door allows you to choose:

  • Choose your door, whether it is a sectional garage door, roller door or tilt door.
  • Choose your material, whether it is aluminium, timber, steel, Polycarbonate, ColorBond or BioWood
  • Choose your inserts, whether your after mesh for ventilation and light or glass windows for natural light.
  • Choose from a wide range of powder coats, colours, and finishes.

Have you ever looked at your home from the verge and thought what am I missing?

Gryphon Garage Doors Perth know that your garage door is more than just an open and shut case.

Our extensive range of doors design choices allows you to customise and build your dream garage door.

Don’t waste any more time trying to figure out where the missing puzzle piece is, contact Gryphon’s today and turn your vision into a reality.

How To Stay Ahead Of The Curve | Top 5 Garage Door Design Trends For 2020

Brett Rowley

Brett is a garage door expert who also runs Gryphon Garage Doors. He strives for great customer service, excellent product knowledge and constant innovation.

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