25 Garage Storage Ideas to Organise and Amplify Your Space

News   Brett Rowley  | 24 March 2021

Are you looking for clever garage storage ideas? Are you taking advantage of your garage to its full capacity? Is it feeling cluttered, and you have no idea where to find anything in the big pile? 

We’ve got 25 tips and garage storage ideas to help you channel your inner Marie Kondo so that you can better organise and amplify your garage space.


3 Reasons Why You Should Organise Your Garage

Well, although you might think that your garage is simply a place to dump items so that it is “out of sight, out of mind”, having a garage organisation system is important. Why’s that? Well, here are a couple of reasons why it is in your best interest to get (and keep) a garage storage system in place. 

1 Safety and Hygiene

When your garage is organised, it is also a lot easier to keep it clean and avoid furry animals moving in or dust from settling.

2 Visibility and Locating What You Need

A disorganised garage simply means that you are making it impossible to track down items when you actually need them. Want to go camping but can’t seem to dig out the tent from under all your winter storage? Well, if you have your items on display and in organised sections, it will be much easier to plan an impromptu camping trip!

3 Preventing Damage to Your Belongings 

If you dump everything in one big heap, it can cause damage to the items at the bottom. Furthermore, if everything is on the ground, rainwater leaking through your garage door can cause water damage to your belongings. 

First Things First: 5 DIY Garage Storage Space Tips Before You Start 

1 Prepare by Creating a Project and Budgeting Accordingly

Decide what you want to accomplish, how you will go about it, and what you will need. Taking this into account, work out what your budget is and then purchase accordingly. Opting for multi-functional options could shave off a couple of bucks. 

2 Start by Sorting Everything in Piles 

It just makes sense to store items that fit in a similar category in the same area. That’s why a good place to start is to separate the one big mixed pile into more specific smaller piles. 

3 Set Up Your Different ‘Zones’

Should your garden tools be in the same section as your bicycle equipment? Short answer? No! To keep things organised in the long term, you should make it easier by having designated areas for specific categories. Consider the space you have and which items you will need access to more frequently when deciding on where the zones should go. 

4 Clean-Up and Recycle

It is essential to clean up before you start so that you have a blank, clean canvas. As you clean up and sort through your belongings, consider which items you can toss and which you can recycle.

5 Print Your Labels

Once you’ve determined your different piles and, therefore, categories, you can print your labels. It is best to go for vinyl or laminated labels that will be waterproof and last longer.

Our Top 25 DIY Garage Storage Solutions

Garage Storage Cabinets and Gearbox Ideas

1 Invest in a Garage Storage Shelving System

You will undoubtedly need a garage storage shelving unit, storage racks and cabinets to make things neat. This will enable you to make use of more vertical space instead of cluttering the floor. Although plastic will be cheaper, we can recommend that you spend that extra bit and opt for heavy-duty metallic garage storage cupboards. They will keep their form and stay put even when overloaded or when a gust of wind blows in.

2 Maximise Garage Tool Storage

Not all tools are alike. That’s why you should create separate tool kits. Think fishing tool kit, car tool kit, power tools kit, plumbing toolkit, etc. 

3 Go for Square Instead of Round

Using bins and baskets that are square will make it neater and easier to fit against the wall and in cupboards.

4 Go Opaque Instead of Clear

If you want your garage bins to look neat, go for opaque. If you label them, they don’t have to be see-through.

Overhead Garage Storage System: Roof and Ceiling Storage 

5 Ceiling Mounted Shelves

Don’t waste the space way up high! If you don’t need to access it frequently or quickly, use garage ceiling storage by installing mounted shelves, deep cabinets or shelving set against the ceiling. 

6 Create Your Own Overhead Garage Roof Storage 

Garages generally have a lot of unused overhead space. You can create your own DIY storage by using PVC pipes and fittings. Take the straight pipe and bolt the ceiling joists to it. Then screw the wye connectors onto the cross brace to support the weight. 

7 Create More Storage Under the Ceiling Joists 

By adding wire shelving under your hoists and against the wall, you can create even more storage space overhead.

8 Remote Shelves

If you want to splurge a bit, you can get motorised shelves. Simply press a button to send them up to the ceiling and out of the way.

Garage Wall Space Storage Ideas

9 Use a Track System For All the Oddly-Shaped Items

You will have your items that will neatly store on a shelf or in a box. But then you will also have those pesky items that won’t. We suggest that you make use of a Track System. This track channel has a combination of hooks to hang any odd tools and items on the wall. 

10 Get a Couple of Pegboards for Smaller Items

Pegboards attached to the wall will help you organise smaller items.

11 Cubbyholes

Use PVC pipe attached to your pegboard to store pencils, blades, zip ties, etc. 

12 Pegboard Shelves

Attach mini shelves to your pegboard for more wall storage. 

13 Use Monkey Bars for More Garage Wall Storage 

Monkey-bar-style shelves are versatile with a hook-and-bar system. 

14 Slatwall

A Slatwall is a panel system that enables you to hook things onto it — for example, baskets. 

15 Corner Shelves

Don’t waste the corner space! Simply use scrap plywood and corner studs to store more items.

16 Storing Sport Balls

Balls rolling around and tripping you over? There is an easy DIY solution. Simply create ramps from pieces of wood and angle them against the wall.

17 Hooks

Hooks are easy to hammer into the wall and offers a quick hang-up-and-go solution.

18 Multifunctional Wall Brackets

Brackets can support a shelf, as well as serve as a place to hang other items. 

19 Wooden Pegs

Wooden pegs on the wall can act as both shelves and hanging storage. 

20 Spring Grips

Fill in the open gaps on the wall by screwing in spring grips. It will hold anything with a handle easily.

Floor Storage Ideas

21 Make Way with Rolling Garage Workbench and Storage  

If you need to use your garage for both safekeeping of your car and doing, for example, woodwork, it is a good idea to set up a station on wheels that you can move aside when necessary. 

22 Use Storage Cubbies for Toys and Frequently Used Sports Gear

Open cubbies make it easier for you (and kids) to toss and grab items like sports equipment.

23 Garage Storage Tubes 

Where to put all your tennis rackets, brooms, rakes, etc.? Well, an inexpensive and effective solution is to place them in storage tubes. That way, they are stored upright and are easy to see and grab as you need them. 

24 Remember to Leave Enough Space for Your Vehicle

This might seem self-explanatory, but remember that the hood of your car will still have to fit. Consider removing one of the shelves in a cupboard so that your car can slide in easily. 

Bike Storage Garage Ideas

25 Sliding Rafters from the Ceiling 

Bikes are bulky items; that’s just the reality. And when they take up floor space, they can cause you to bump into it constantly. A solution to this is to store them hanging from the ceiling. These days you even get rafters that glide, so you can simply slide it out of your way when necessary. 

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