10 Outdoor Materials Perfect for Aussie Weather

House   Brett Rowley  | 01 February 2021

It’s no secret that Australia is a land of extreme weather. From the blistering heat of dry summers to flooding and tropical cyclones, living in Australia means being exposed to harsh weather. It isn’t just you that is facing the worst that nature can throw at you, either. Your house needs to stand strong against the elements too. Is your house built with the right materials to withstand Australia’s signature extreme weather?

If you’re looking for great ways to improve your home and protect it against everything from high temperatures to storms, look no further than these 10 outdoor materials perfect for Aussie weather.


1. Colorbond Steel

Colorbond steel has been a favourite in Australian homes since it first debuted in 1966. Built with five layers of protection and tested in Australian conditions, Colorbond steel is built specifically to withstand the harshest environments that Australia is home to. The exterior grade paint used on Colorbond steel is also baked on to provide added resistance to chipping, flaking, and blistering. This is paint that won’t be beaten by the Australian sun.

Fantastic for roofing, wall cladding, and garage doors, Colorbond is an ideal choice for any building in Australia. At Gryphon Garage Doors, we stock over 20 shades of Colorbond steel that we can use when customizing and installing your garage door.


2. Clear PVC Outdoor Blinds

If your outdoor areas need protection but you don’t want to ruin your view, clear PVC outdoor blinds are the perfect solution. These blinds work in every season protecting from rain, wind, dust, and even reduce heat transmission.

Gryphon Garage Doors can install a high quality Ziptrak® Clear PVC outdoor blinds on your residential or commercial property with ease. Keep your outdoor areas comfortable and protected with clear PVC outdoor blinds.


3. PVC Mesh Outdoor Blinds

For increased privacy and sun protection, mesh outdoor blinds are a popular alternative to clear PVC outdoor blinds. The Ziptrak® Sunscreen Mesh available at Gryphon Garage Doors boasts up to 99% UV protection and 96% windblock. It even helps keep out insects.

Gryphon Garage Doors also offer Atmosphere PVC mesh outdoor blinds that offer greater visibility than conventional mesh outdoor blinds. This style of outdoor blind is available in 19 designer colours from the specialists at Gryphon Garage Doors.


4. Heat Resistant Outdoor Paint

The heat of an Australian summer can be particularly punishing on outdoor paints. High temperatures can cause paint to flake, blister, and fade. By opting for a heat resistant outdoor paint, you can be sure that your exterior stays looking fantastic, and in need of little maintenance.

An added bonus of heat resistant outdoor paints is that they can help keep your internal spaces from heating up too! Perfect for our hot Aussie summers.


5. Tesla Solar Roof

Thanks to recent leaps in technology, Tesla has developed a revolutionary Solar Roof. Available to order, these roof tiles are not only three times stronger than standard roof tiles but act as an integrated solar system.

Tesla have transformed solar panels into a sleek, seamless design, with their Solar Roof looking indistinguishable from a standard tiled roof. Not only that but you can monitor your solar energy production right from your phone thanks to the Tesla app.

If you want to make the most of the Australian sun while also giving your property a sleek look, the Tesla Solar Roof is for you.


6. Liquid Limestone

Liquid limestone is a mix of crushed limestone and cement. Incredibly versatile and more durable than concrete, liquid limestone is a favourite on Australian properties.

Besides a great look, liquid limestone doesn’t absorb heat like other materials do. This makes this material perfect for outdoor flooring, especially around the pool. You can walk barefoot on liquid limestone without worrying about burning your feet.


7. Glazed Windows

Adding double or triple glazed windows are a fantastic way to give your property added insulation and reduce noise pollution. Keep your property comfortable during the heat of an Aussie summer or the cold winter mornings.

Avoid costly energy bills and stop relying on air conditioning and heaters. With glazed windows you can be sure you’ll be comfortable in any weather.


8. Impact Resistant Windows

Australia is no stranger to severe storms, with hail storms hitting Australian cities approximately 10 times a year. If a storm causes your window to shatter it can cause injuries and leave your property exposed to the elements, resulting in further damage.

Impact resistant windows are built with an inner layer to help keep the window intact in case of an impact. This makes impact resistant windows a perfect choice for properties in storm hotspots.


9. Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a simple way to increase your property’s durability while decreasing the cost of cooling your home by up to 30%. Compared to other roofing materials, metal roofing provides a higher level of protection from the elements, as well as rot and termites. Additionally, metal roofing reflects heat meaning that your property can stay cooler during the day.

Metal roofing is a simple, but incredible effective outdoor material to stand the test of time in Australian weather.


10. Concrete Framing

If you’re in the process of building a new home and are looking for framing materials that can withstand extreme weather, then concrete framing could be the solution. Offering incredible stability, resistance to moisture and termites, as well as fire resistance, concrete framing is a great way to prepare your property for the worst weather conditions that Australia has.

Concrete framing will leave your home better prepared to stand strong against disaster such as cyclones or bushfires. If you live in an area prone to such disastrous events, concrete framing will help you prepare your property as much as possible.


Technology has allowed for us to now have a broad range of outdoor materials perfectly suited to withstand Australian weather, no matter how harsh it can get. Keep your home protected and comfortable with these smart options.


Brett Rowley

Brett is a garage door expert who also runs Gryphon Garage Doors. He strives for great customer service, excellent product knowledge and constant innovation.