How to Choose The Best Garage Door Size For Your Home

Article , Tips and Troubleshooting   Brett Rowley  | 12 March 2021

Planning on renovating your existing garage or just installing a new garage door? There’s a lot to know and to get right when you’re looking for a new garage door to suit your needs such as design options, door size and more. 

Whether you use your garage space to keep your vehicles protected, or you’ve transformed it into a home office or gym, you’ll need to ask yourself the same questions in order to pick the best garage door for you.

With this handy guide, you’ll be ready to choose the right garage door to suit your home and lifestyle taking into consideration Australian standards.

A Garage Door For Every Purpose

The first step in choosing the best garage door for you is to consider what you’ll be using your space for. 

There is a range of garage door sizes available, each suiting a different need. Unless you will be using your garage space for purely storage, or to secure a single vehicle, we recommend a double garage. 

A single garage offers very little space, and you may find the space cramped if using your garage for a workshop, office, or home gym. Larger cars might also find the width of a single garage to be a tight squeeze.

Some questions to help you think about the ideal garage door size for you:

  • What is the size of your car?
  • Are you planning to use your garage for:
    • Storage
    • Entertainment/Fitness Room
    • Workshop
  • Do you have a Caravan or Motorhome?

Electrically Powered

Some garage doors are powered by an electric motor and even come with remote controls for added convenience. Operate your garage door remotely with garage door openers. 

Standard garage door openers work like a remote control for your TV, but some more advanced controllers provide an entirely different level of convenience.

Gryphon’s New Smart Door Technology lets you control your garage door from absolutely anywhere and even check the garage itself with an add-on camera.

Standard Garage Door Sizes

Both garage doors and garages themselves are built in a wide range of sizes. This is why all types of garage doors are custom built to meet the measurements of your individual garage.

Whether you’d like to install a roller garage door, sectional garage door, or a tilt garage door, you can rest easy knowing that they will be custom fit to your garage.

While garage doors do come in a variety of sizes, there is a standard measurement for new garage doors.

Single Sectional Garage Door

The standard size for this type of garage door is 2200mm high x 2400mm wide.

Double Sectional Garage Door

The standard size for a double garage door is 2200mm high x 5000mm wide.

The types of garage doors are built to fit various size openings and usually require 250mm headroom and 125mm side room.

Roller Door Sizes

Standard roller doors are built to fit garage openings of up to 3000mm high x 5300mm wide. Be

aware that you’ll need approx 450mm headroom to install a roller door.

Maximum Sectional Door Sizes

Sectional doors are built to fit garage openings of up to 3400mm high x 6400mm wide. For

sectional garage doors, you will need a minimum 250mm or 400mm headroom if a side-mounted motor is used.

Tilt Door Sizes

A standard tilt door is suitable for garage door openings of up to 2500mm high x 5500mm wide.

A tilt door will require a 750mm side room and a minimum of 100mm of headroom.

Tilt doors are not the safest option these days, always try and choose a Sectional door if possible.


Table of Standard Door Sizes

Garage Door Type Height  Width 
Single Sectional  2200mm 2400mm
Double Sectional  2200mm 5000mm
Roller Door  Up to 3000mm Up to 5300mm
Maximum Sectional  Up to 3400mm Up to 6400mm
Tilt Door  Up to 2500mm Up to 5500mm


Garage Door Thickness

For homes or industries in especially noisy environments, the thickness of a garage door can be critical in mitigating sound emissions. Though insulated doors aren’t widely available in Australia, they can be custom ordered if necessary. The thickness of a normal garage door ranges from 30mm to 51mm.

Planning a New Garage

If you’re planning to build a new garage it’s important to take the time to consider what function your garage will have, this will determine how big your garage door should be. 

Will it be used primarily to safely secure your vehicle? Maybe you want to use the garage as a DIY workshop. Maybe both! 

A standard double garage will suit most needs, but don’t feel constricted if you want more or less space. You can be sure to find a garage door that can be custom built to meet the size of your garage opening. 


How To Measure Your Garage

If you want a custom made garage door design you’ll need to ensure that you have the exactly correct measurements. Measuring your garage is reasonably easy, just follow these simple steps.

Garage Door Sizes

1. Headroom

Measure your headroom. This is the space from the top edge of your door opening to the garage ceiling. As mentioned before, different types of garage doors require different amounts of headroom.

2. Backroom

Measure the backroom. This is the depth of your garage. You measure this from the front of the roof to the back of the roof of your garage. The backroom is a particularly important measurement if you are installing sectional garage doors. This is because the door will fold back along the roof.

3. Sides

Measure from the side edges of the opening to the wall on both the left and right sides.

4. Door Height

Measure your door height from the floor to the top of the opening.

5. Door Width

Measure the width of your door opening. Do not include the entire length of the wall, the sides between the door and corner are a separate measurement.

Common Problems You Might Have

When installing a new garage door it can be easy to forget that what’s in your garage can limit your options for doors. If your garage has structural beams, plumbing, or electrical installations you might not have the required space along your roof for a sectional garage door to be installed. 


What if Standard Sizing Doesn’t Apply?

If standard sizing doesn’t apply, or you simply have a unique vision for your garage door, you don’t need to worry. 

Custom garage doors can be built to meet your unique specifications and needs. Simply have a chat with your local garage door professional.

If you need a custom garage door or need any other of the types of garage door installed have a talk with the experts at Gryphon Garage Doors today. 

We offer a free quote and can help you find and install the best garage door for you. Don’t hesitate, see how our professional team can help you!

Brett Rowley

Brett is a garage door expert who also runs Gryphon Garage Doors. He strives for great customer service, excellent product knowledge and constant innovation.