Gryphon’s Guide to Garage Door Types

Garage Doors , Tips and Troubleshooting   Brett Rowley  | 11 February 2019

What are the different types of garage doors? What type of garage door will best suit my home? Are there any special requirements? As a homeowner, it is important to ask these questions; especially since your garage door not only protects your valuables, but adds to your home’s overall value. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just picking out which garage door looks best, you must consider the space available, the building type, and overall design.

The team at Gryphon Garage Doors have come up with a quick guide on the types of garage doors available to help you make the right decision.



What is a roller door?

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A garage roller door also offers a great deal of security that separates you from the elements, intruders and vermin, just not as thorough as garage roller shutters.  This does not mean they are worse than roller shutters, it simply means garage roller doors offer different benefits and are used in different scenarios.  Garage roller doors are made from a single curtain of corrugated sheet metal that is easily rolled up and down and can be done so quickly.  They are not made out of many interlocking parts like the roller shutter.  Because the roller door can be opened and closed easily, they are great for high traffic areas and garages.  They are used in locations that do not need heavy-duty security, such as; homes and industrial properties.  Roller doors are also used for sheds and warehouses.


Pros of a roller door

A roller door is cheaper and can come in a range of sizes that are easier to install.  They are suitable for a small shed, house, or an industrial warehouse.  They are versatile and easy to use which makes them perfect for high traffic areas.


Cons of a roller door

The most obvious downside to the roller door is that they are not as secure as roller shutters.  However, this does not mean that they are not secure.  Garage roller doors can be made out of high-grade reinforced steel.  But the fact they are a single sheet of metal means they are structurally weaker than roller shutters.  Additionally, roller doors can be expensive to fix because often you will need to replace the entire door, not just a single segment like a roller shutter.  So even if they may be more cost effective at first, costs may begin to accumulate.



What is a tilt door?

Tilt doors are made from one piece of material that has been designed to operate using a spring hinge allowing the door to open up and over.

The door is pulled back onto a pivot before being lifted onto a track suspended from the ceiling of the garage. The benefits of a tilt garage are that it takes up the least amount of overhead space, however, you will need sufficient space in your driveway to open and close the door. Tilt doors are low maintenance and come in a wide range of customisable designs and materials including glass windows. A motor can also be added for extra convenience.


Pros of tilt garage doors 

A tilt garage door usually requires less overhead room to be installed which allows people with limited headroom to still install a secure screen from the outside. They also have fewer moving parts, which means they usually have a longer lifespan. Lastly, because they are essentially one solid piece of material, they come in a wide range of materials and styles. 


Cons of tilt garage doors 

Tilt garage doors can sometimes be dangerous because of the high-tension springs that they use. These springs, if not looked after, can corrode and fly off the garage at high speeds. That’s why it’s important to get your garage door regularly serviced



What is a sectional garage door?


Wondering what type of garage door is most durable? A garage roller shutter is not the same as a garage roller door, a garage roller shutter is made from a series of connecting and interlocking parts, typically using high grade aluminium or steel.  Garage roller shutters, also called sectional garage doors, are used for more specific reasons than garage roller doors, such as fire protection and terror protection.  This is because the interlocking parts and hinges offer far more resilience than roller doors, so roller shutters can withstand fire and intruders far longer than roller doors.  As you could imagine, roller shutters are used in places that require more security, such as; retail stores, schools, universities, airports, banks, hospitals and supermarkets.  The point of roller shutters is to withstand vandalism and keep a barrier between your things and intruders.  Roller shutters are also used to maintain a level of insulation, meaning you can save power on temperature control, as well as keep sound in or out.  Roller shutters also offer security from vermin, which otherwise might be able to get into your property. 

Pros of a roller shutter

As previously mentioned, roller shutters are designed to be heavy-duty and therefore are ultimate in security.  Roller shutters, since they are made of individual, interlocking parts, can easily be fixed if they are damaged.  You can just replace the single part.


Cons of a roller shutter

Unfortunately, roller shutters are more expensive.  The individual parts require more installation time with a professional and the material used is often thicker and more high quality than that of a roller door.  Additionally, they take longer to open and close, meaning they are not very well suited to high traffic areas.



What is a custom door?

TROJAN custom Design Aluminum Composite Garage Door - trouble shoot garage door issues

To really stand out from the rest, Gryphon Garage Doors provide the option of being able to customise the design of your garage door. Having a custom-made door allows you to get creative and design a door that adds curb appeal and increase the overall value of your home. Personalise your garage door and choose from a wide range of designs and over 100 colours to match your home’s exterior. Materials can include Biowood, Perspex, Aluminium, ventilation options and many more. For more information on custom-made doors contact our professional and friendly team at Gryphon Garage Doors who are dedicated in helping you bring your vision to life. 

Are you considering buying a garage door but aren’t sure of how to go about it? Read our extensive Ultimate Guide created just for buyers, get all the insights before you make your big decision.


Pros of custom garage doors 

With a custom garage door you will have the complete design flexibility to create the exact product that you want. From size, to material, colour and type, you can craft the product that will really make your home shine. 


Cons of custom garage doors

The downside to a custom garage door is that they are more expensive than the other types. However you pay for what you get. If you want or need a specific product, then a custom garage door is the right choice for you.  


Where to get your garage door serviced, repaired and installed 

Gryphon Garage Doors is one of the best garage door companies for sectional and roller door repair in Perth, and have been helping Australians protect their homes and commercial spaces in stylish ways for over 25 years. Why is this important? Well it means we’ve come across countless different jobs, and have had to overcome each one. So no matter your situation, you gotta get a Gryphon. We have:

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Your garage broke down and you need it to open ASAP? Not a problem, give us a call and we will try our best to get to you today and open your space. We look forward to hearing from you.

Gryphon’s Guide to Garage Door Types

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