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One Garage Door or Two Single Ones: What’s Best?

House   Brett Rowley  | 17 November 2020

A double garage door is currently a trend in Australia. However, your choice depends on many factors.

Keep in mind that there is no one size fits all solution. It is all about choosing the solution that responds to your specific needs and personal preference. Each option comes with its own pros and cons. In this post, we review the advantages and disadvantages of single vs double garage doors.

Single vs double garage doors: The pros and cons

Two Single Garage Doors


  • Balanced look. Having two doors results in a symmetrical look. This makes the exterior visually pleasing and proportionate. It also would mean you wouldn’t have to buy a custom garage door that’d be specially made to fit the width of your space.
  • Two single doors mean that you have control over how much of the garage is exposed. This allows you to control the airflow, which reduces the temperature fluctuations and helps you save a little money off your air conditioning bills.
  • Having two garage doors means that you have an alternative. If one of the doors stops working, you still have a way out.
  • More convenient if you own two large vehicles. You don’t have to worry about coming too close to the brickwork and scratching your car.
  • It offers privacy. Opening only one door means that your garage isn’t fully exposed and visible to people on the street. If you have stored items you prefer not to reveal to people on the road, this is a great option.


  • Single doors are small, so they aren’t that suitable for large vehicles and you’d most likely have to be really careful when entering and leaving your garage.
  • Having two doors means that you need to invest double effort and time for maintenance. Garage doors need frequent maintenance and repairs, so consider this when making the final choice.
  • Installing an automatic opener will be more costly.


Make sure there is enough space to open the doors and move around your car comfortably. If you think that two single garage doors are your option, opt for a minimum 22 feet width. If you wish to switch from double doors to two singles, don’t forget to include the extra brickwork in the centre in your calculations.


One Double Garage Door


  • It looks modern, so many homeowners switch to a double door to update their exterior.
  • A double door allows you to use the inside space wisely. It is more spacious, and you can add shelving for extra storage on the sides.
  • It costs less, as there is one opener included. Also, keep in mind that the installation costs are lower when compared to two singles.
  • It is a better choice for family members with mobility issues or the elderly. The door allows enough space for moving around to make everyone comfortable.
  • Parking is more straightforward, as you don’t need to worry about hitting the brickwork in the centre.


  • If the door fails to open, you are left with no alternative for taking out your car. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until it is fixed.
  • Double doors are tricky to use when you need to park two cars.
  • Due to the design, double doors are more prone to jamming.


The perfect size for your double door is 18 feet wide if you park two vehicles. It is an excellent choice for families with children, who need some extra space for getting in and out of the car.


So now, which is the right choice for you?

Both options work good, so it is up to your specific requirements. Consider your budget available and the amount of extra space that you want to have for navigating around.

Number of cars

If you own three smaller cars, then you need a double door. It would be easier to go in and out in this case. Two single doors will make it difficult and take your time. If you plan to sell your home soon, it is always better to get a double. You don’t know the size of their car, so this would be an option that works for everyone.


The practical aspects aren’t the only factors that help you make a decision. The look of the house exterior is essential to many. Both door options have satisfying results, so it is up to your preference. There are different styles of doors available on the market, so you can find the one that fits your particular aesthetics. According to the rule of thumb, two single doors bring a balanced and symmetrical look. However, some people might consider them as outdated and go for a sleek and modern double door.

Possible malfunctions

Consider your lifestyle when making the final choice too. If you want to have your car available at any time, it is better to invest in two single doors. A double door will leave you with no options in the case of malfunction.

Your budget

Your particular budget is the crucial factor in all home upgrades. You might find out that the costs for single doors and double doors are pretty similar. However, having two automatic door openers will add up to the price. Also, let’s not forget the repairs and regular maintenance costs. If two single doors are what you want and you have a flexible budget, go for it.


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