How to Declutter Your Garage: Garage Cleaning and Organizing Tips

News   Brett Rowley  | 30 April 2021

It’s time to declutter your garage if you’re running out of floor space, struggling to find anything or just feeling claustrophobic by all the items in your garage. It might not be spring in Australia, but it’s always a good idea to spring clean, regardless of the season!

Fact is, most people neglect their garages as they consider it “out of sight, out of mind.” It’s much easier to notice when clutter piles up in your home, where you spend most of your time.

But when you just jump in your car and go and keep dumping more items in your garage, it can and will quickly get out of hand. And if you’re struggling to park your car, then you know it’s definitely time to do something!

Garage clutter happens inevitably over time, but you can create an organized space with a few simple tips and tricks. 

Declutter Garage: Garage Cleaning and Organizing Tips and Tricks 

Step 1: Devise a Plan of Action

If you go in without a plan of action, you will likely get distracted and spend hours looking through old photo albums instead of getting anything done.

Decide the different steps you need to take and make a To-Do list. For example, do you first need to go to the store to buy cardboard boxes, storage bins, storage racks and storage boxes?  If you plan correctly, it will be easier to get started — and you’ll finish a lot quicker! 

Step 2: Make it Fun 

To avoid losing motivation halfway through your garage cleaning project, try to make it fun. Listen to a podcast, sport match, or music while you work, which will distract your mind from the manual labour at hand. Or even better, get the family involved and give them specific tasks to focus on. 

Step 3: Assess The Mess

Park your car on the driveway and keep your garage door open so that you can take a good look at what you have to deal with. Get a couple of refuse bags ready, and then do the old “keep, donate, sell, recycle, or trash” system with everything you are currently storing in your garage. 

Step 4: Create Dedicated Zones 

Sort all of the belongings you decided to keep in different heaps. For example, store all your garden tools in one area and your camping gear in another.

This will help you find what you need a breeze going forward. If something is more seasonal, such as your winter coats, you can store them in the back or on the highest shelf, but keep those items you regularly use front and centre. 

Step 5: Garage Cleaning and Organizing

Now that your space feels more clutter-free, you need to do a good garage cleaning. First, ensure that you have enough ventilation, opening all the windows and the garage doors.

To further increase ventilation, you can add a fan in front of one of the open windows. It is always good to wear a face mask when cleaning with harsh chemicals to avoid inhaling the particles. 

Start by wiping down all the surfaces before cleaning garage floors. Don’t skip the walls of your garage. They also deserve some TLC! You can use the broom you used for the floor and simply scrub it down as you did with the garage floors. 

Step 5: Consider Your Organizing Systems

What will go where? Also, what should be stored in which box, on which rack, etc. Like clothing or photo albums, some items might be better off in a closed box or cabinet, but your garden tools can hang against the wall.

Perhaps pack away the items you don’t use very often before dedicating the prominent spaces to items you frequently use. If you are scared that items will get damaged, consider heavy-duty cupboards that will keep your items safe and dry. 

Step 6: Check the Functionality of Your Garage Door

Last but definitely not least, check your garage door. Is it still operating as it should? Is it sealing properly to avoid rain from coming through? Can you feel a draft even when it is closed? 

It is important to inspect your garage door from time to time to ensure you won’t get any surprises. You can contact us if you need expert advice or are considering installing a new garage door. 

Step 7: Consider Garage Shelving and Other Garage Storing Solutions

There are many excellent storage solutions out there that will optimise and create more space in your garage. These include garage shelving, which means that you can stack items higher up, clearing up more floor space.  No more tripping over that cricket bat every time you enter the garage!

Another useful garage organization solution is to use your walls. A Slatwall or pegboards can help you hang items so that they are easy to grab and go. You can check out more of our favourite garage storage solutions here. 

Upgrade Your Garage Today 

Now that your garage is decluttered and looking good, are you itching to give it an upgrade? Our garage doors are of superior quality and custom-designed to fit your home and lifestyle. Contact us today to get started.

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