Home Improvements to Add Value to Your Property: Part 2

Curb Appeal , House   Brett Rowley  | 06 September 2018

Even if refurbishing your bathroom or kitchen can potentially seal a deal, do not overlook the potential value you could gain from putting a little effort into your house exterior and garden. As it stands, it is the first thing potential buyers see.

Front façade – ‘curb appeal’

Commonly known as ‘street appeal’ or ‘curb appeal’ is the term used to describe how the front of your house looks which is extremely important in the housing industry as first impressions count.

There are a number of improvements that can be done to the exterior of your home, which can include a new paint job, wash or repaint the roof, pressure clean the driveway, repaint or install new doors, tidy up the garden, fix or replace any broken fixtures or fittings and add a letter box with a modern touch. Click here if you are unsure on where to start and need a simple guide on how to increase your curb appeal. With these simple improvements at an affordable price, depending on the extent of the work required, you can expect a positive return on your initial investment.

Create a driveway

 If you currently live on a busy main road, then getting in and out of your driveway can not only be a pain for your family and yourself but also anyone who visits. It presents a huge safety risk for anyone attempting to reverse out onto a busy road with cars travelling at 60-70kms. Creating an extra driveway not only creates an extra parking spot but creates a safe passage for people entering onto the road. An extra driveway is extremely appealing to potential buyers as it greatly reduces risk and increases convenience.

If you already have a driveway but it looks poorly – whether it is because of old pavers overrun by weeds or poorly laid out concrete – consider reviving it with pressure hose cleaning when applicable, or replace it. There are many durable and stylish options available to you nowadays that do not cost an arm and a leg from liquid limestone, concrete to exposed aggregate.

New garage door

In addition to curb appeal, sometimes restoring or replacing your garage door can make a world of a difference. Restoring and repainting your garage door can be quite a mission but if done correctly, can be worthwhile by adding value to your property. If you are thinking of replacing the garage door entirely then it is best to consider what types/looks of garage doors that will add value to your property.


‘Bigger is better’ does not necessarily apply when it comes to garden and landscaping. It has always been the Australian dream to own a big backyard but it is often the space that is neglected the most and can easily get overrun when left unattended too. Let’s keep it low budget and simple, we do not want to overspend on ridiculous additions when it won’t bring any value to your property.

Think of installing garden beds, adding some plants, fresh mulch or pebbles, new grass/astro turf, and paving or reviving worn out driveways which can include pressure hose cleaning. Now that you have enhanced your home’s curb appeal in the front yard, it’s time to tackle the backyard.

Keep it simple, big open space for the kids and family to run around in, remove any large unruly trees and foliage, install basic perimeter garden beds and stay away from exotic expensive plants.

Create an entertainment area

It has been a long Aussie tradition to have some mates or extended family over for a barbeque and a kick of the footy, so it should come as no surprise that everyone dreams of having their own ideal entertainment space. In current trends it seems as though the entertainment area has evolved into a more sophisticated extension of the house – formally known as an alfresco.

The alfresco area is almost like an outdoor dining area. When picking the design of the area and the tiles, you need to consider how many guests you’d like to entertain, the direction and flow of foot traffic, and how seamlessly it connects from indoor to outdoor. Exposed aggregate or concrete alfresco areas are also trendy and do not cost as much as you would think.

Brett Rowley

Brett is a garage door expert who also runs Gryphon Garage Doors. He strives for great customer service, excellent product knowledge and constant innovation.