Quick and Easy Steps to Spruce Up Your Home Exterior

House , Tips and Troubleshooting   Brett Rowley  | 08 February 2018

As longtime home owners we are guilty of neglecting our home’s exterior as the years have ticked away. The paint has faded; stain covered driveways and paths riddled with pesky weeds, overgrown gardens and lifeless light fixtures that don’t shine. All these signs point to one direction, a house exterior makeover! We have devised a quick and easy guide on how to spruce up your exterior this season, bringing back that curb appeal your house deserves.

Tidy the garden

Nothing says ‘neglected’ more than an unruly and unloved garden in the front yard. Show your garden some love by trimming that overgrown grass, digging out the weeds and tidying up any loose branches. A cheap and effective way to bring a bit of life into your front yard is to create a simple garden bed using some low cost pieces of timber and adding a few plants with colour to it.


Redefine your driveway

It’s time to remove those pesky weeds that have infested the cracks on your driveway. We recommend using a bit of weed killer as it is quite cost effective and less time consuming, on the other hand if you enjoy and prefer digging the weeds out, by all means. Next step is to remove any stubborn stains or markings that have collected over time.

A solution made from household detergent and some hot water will remove any small stains. For more stubborn stains you may want to try using microbial cleanser or degreaser. Once the oil has been removed give your driveway a quick spray with a high pressure hose for the finishing touches.

Add some colour

If you thought the weather channel was dull, think about how faded paint looks, pretty dull right? A good inexpensive way of bringing life back into your front exterior is giving your garage, window frames and doors a fresh coat of paint. There are 3 types of exterior paint finishes:

  • Flat/matte – hides imperfections, but does not clean well. Mainly use for sidings.
  • Glossycreates a hard shiny effect and easy to clean. Typically used for trim and doors. Brings attention to detail.
  • Satin slight gloss, easy to clean and hides imperfections. Quite durable and can be used on walls.


If you are not looking to re-paint your garage and looking to start fresh, then replacing your garage door may bring you the satisfaction you’re after. Always consult the professionals when choosing a new garage door to ensure you receive the best fit for your house style.

Finishing touches

Replace all lights bulbs that no longer work and give the light fixtures a bit of a clean, you’d be surprised how much of a difference this makes. Don’t be afraid to replace outdated light fixtures for a fresher new look.

Tidy up and remove any clutter on the porch, sweep away loose leaves and remove any dangling cobwebs. By following this simple guide you have not only gained curb appeal but subsequently brought more value to your home. Envision the entrance you would like to walk into every day and create that entrance in an easy and cost effective way.

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Brett Rowley

Brett is a garage door expert who also runs Gryphon Garage Doors. He strives for great customer service, excellent product knowledge and constant innovation.