Is a garage extension worth the trouble and money?

House , Curb Appeal   Brett Rowley  | 21 November 2020

A garage is an essential aspect of every home, knowing that everyone owns at least one car these days. However, it isn’t all about keeping your vehicle protected from outdoor conditions. Some Australians like to have extra storage space for their belongings. Others prefer to have a dedicated room for their hobby. If a garage extension is something that comes to your mind, there are some things that you need to know, like how much does a garage extension cost. Read on and find out if adding a garage extension is the right choice for you!


Benefits of a garage extension

Reserved parking spot

If you want to have your own parking spot, consider extending garage. There is no need to pay extras to rent a parking spot. This investment will save you money in the long run.


Protect your vehicle

A  vehicle is a significant investment, so you want to keep it protected. Bad weather or other outdoor threats can damage your car and impose additional costs on your side. Having your vehicle well protected in an enclosed space will give you peace of mind since you reduce unnecessary wear and tear.


Lower insurance premium

Insurance plans come with different premiums, depending on a few factors. Keeping your car in the garage is considered less risky, as it isn’t directly exposed to weather damage and theft. This will bring you lower insurance premiums, which will save you money.


Extra space

If your home lacks storage space, you certainly need some extra square metres for your belongings. Store your gardening equipment in the garage and protect it against theft. Also, many people like to convert their garage into a hobby space. Whether you want to have a home gym, playroom, or teen hangout room, consider a garage extension to host your hobby.


How wide do you need your garage to be for two cars?

The standard for a two-car garage is 5.8m x 5.8m (internal measurements). This allows you to fit two sedan vehicles comfortably. However, if you own smaller cars, 5.6m deep x 5.8m wide would be enough. You need to have enough shared space to open the doors for both vehicles. If you need extra space for storage or have a large car, 6m x 6m would be the ideal size.


What is the standard size of a garage door?

The standard garage door sizes available on the Australian market are:


Single garage door size

2100mm high x 2400mm wide


Double Garage Door size

2100mm high x 4800mm wide


What size will you need? The answer depends on your specific needs. Homeowners that want some extra storage space or have large vehicles should opt for larger ones and might look into custom garage doors. When doing your calculations, make sure to include the space needed to install and open the door. Talking to a professional when considering installing a garage door, will be the easiest way to figure out what’s best for your needs and space.


Consider garage door type

Another factor to consider will be the type of garage door, which includes sectional garage doors and roller doors. Speak to garage door professional about installing a garage door that complements your home and lifestyle.


How much does it cost to extend garage?

Garage extension cost tends to vary. The process isn’t only about knocking down a few bricks. Expect to pay around $6,000 to $9,000 for expanding your garage. Garage extensions aren’t simple projects, as it requires council approval and an engineer report. The process includes removing the existing lintel and brickwork, installing new ones, and finishing the opening. Consider the value you get and analyse if the cost to extend garage is worth it. Also, make sure to get a few free quotes from certified builders. Compare the prices and what you get to make sure that you pick the best price to value ratio.


Does it add value to a property?

No matter the size, a garage can boost the value of your home. Expect to recoup around $20,000 to $30,000 for an enclosed garage when selling your property. Real estate agents would instead recommend double lock-up garages, then adding another bathroom. Every Australian has a car these days, so extending garage will increase the value of your home.

If you are thinking about a few alternatives for increasing the market value of your home, keep in mind that garden conversions are trendy. No wonder, as it adds up on space without bearing the high costs for a two-storey extension. By extending garage, you have lots of room for a garage conversion.

If you plan to sell your home in the near future, make sure to analyse the market to know buyers’ needs and requirements. Some people like to have additional storage space. Keep in mind that young people in Australia prefer to have an internal door for easy access to the garage from the house. This simple addition can make your home more valuable in the eyes of potential buyers.


Do I need a permit?

A building permit from your local government is required to ensure that the building meets the safety standards. You need a building permit if doing any type of structural changes or adding to an existing building. Homeowners need to get council approval and building certification first. Councils inspect the plans and approve the overall project they are according to the National Construction Code. However, the rules for different states and local government can vary. It is always better to check with a professional building company about the legal requirements for your garage extension Perth.


Do I have to replace my garage door?

Extending garage will require a bigger garage door. Replacing the existing one is a smart option. However, choosing the right one isn’t easy. There are many things that you should consider, but the most important factor is size. The material and style will have an impact on the price you will pay for your new door.


Final thoughts

A garage extension Perth brings so many benefits for the homeowners. It adds some extra space for storing your belongings or a hobby but also keeps your vehicle safe and secure. If you plan to sell the home soon, a two-car garage will make your home more valuable.


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