How To Fit-Out A Car Collectors Garage

Uncategorized   Brett Rowley  | 24 September 2019

A Car Collectors Dream Come True
Credit: Architectural Digest

If you like cars, no doubt you’d want to collect a few. However, making the decision to become a car collector isn’t an easy one – it’s a lot of money for both the cars and the garage. Yes, you may have an undeniable passion for classic, luxury, or JDM motor vehicles, and you might have the money to buy them, but do you have the space to house them? 

Do you know where and how you are going to store your collection? If you do not have the space to do so, do you have the funding to build one?

In this article we will explain what key factors you’ll need to consider when it comes to building your dream garage, as well as some design ideas you can use to build your dream space.


4 Things you need to consider when building a car collectors garage

  • Decide where you’re going to keep your cars

Although it may sound obvious that you would need to figure out where you’re going to keep your cars, it will vary on how many cars you intend to keep in your collection. Most garages in Perth will allow for two cars to be kept inside, so if you plan on collecting more you will need to consider purchasing a warehouse or specialised facility, and preferably close to where you live. You don’t want to take a long drive just to take one of your cars out for a spin or to do some work on them. 

  • Create space in your garage

Wondering what the size of a single car garage is? Or maybe the minimum 2 car garage dimensions? Well let me tell you if your garage looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic film with things sprawled everywhere with no particular order, you’re seriously limiting your space. Start with organising your garage, decide what you want to keep, sell and bin, you may want to consider installing storage facilities for each zone; gardening, recreational, DIY, and seasonal. Now that it’s starting to look more like a garage and less like a self storage compound, you may want to consider a hydraulic car lift, which allows you to store vehicles vertically.

  • Consider your garage door design

If you plan on spending a lot of time inside your garage working on your vehicles or simply admiring them, you’ll need sufficient ventilation and natural light. Consider the top 5 garage door design trends for 2019 when designing your garage door, this can include Wi Fi connected doors, glass inserts for natural light, and mesh slats for ventilation. You can find more information on custom garage doors here.

  • What type of flooring is best for the garage?

For most homeowners in WA, concrete flooring in the garage is a stock standard option offered by the majority of homebuilders, but is it the best option for a car collector? Concrete is a porous material, this means it’s highly absorbent to oil spills and stains — not exactly the best option if you plan to have a few cars in your garage. There are a number of protective coatings that can be applied on top of your garage flooring including Polyurethane, Epoxy and Latex paint. 

5 Design ideas for your garage 

  • Home car garage lift 

A car hoist for a home garage will allow any car enthusiast who likes working on their machines to do so with ease. A hoist will give you complete access to the undercarriage of your car – avoid uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situations and raise your car off the floor. 

  • Invest in a reinforced garage door 

If you’re collecting expensive cars, you need to keep them in a space that is not only protected but also looks good – inside and out. With a solid garage door, your space will look great, stay protected from thieves, as well as be fire resistant. Additionally, if you’re spending a large amount of time tinkering on cars in the garage, you don’t want to feel the full force of the Australian sun, so having an insulated car port garage door will keep you comfortable all year round. 

  • Air conditioning in the garage 

As we mentioned above, you may be working in the garage on some very hot Australian summer days, or even some bitterly winter mornings. Installing an air conditioner in the garage will keep the temperature comfortable all year round so you can work on your cars whenever you want. 

  • Have quality flooring 

Not only will having good flooring last longer in your garage, it will also look great. If the flooring is easily cleaned and maintained, the garage will seem more like a collectors display rather than a mechanics work shed. 

  • Have quality garage storage 

Nobody likes a mess. Invest in quality storage so tools and equipment can be stowed in an orderly and organised manor. 



Find some memorabilia to go along with your cars

A Car Collectors Dream Come True
Credit: Architectural Digest


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