Tips and Ideas to Organise Your Garage

Garage Doors , House , Tips and Troubleshooting   Brett Rowley  | 15 February 2018


If you are currently running an obstacle course every time you need to enter your garage or playing Tetris each time you park the cars then you are in need of a garage makeover. At this point your garage is probably looking like a jungle and asking yourself ‘where do I even start?’ Plan and lock in a weekend, start thinking about how you want your garage to look and the storage systems you want to use. When it comes to game day we have taken the liberty of creating a plan of attack. Here are some useful ideas and tips to help you organise your garage.

Keep it, sell it or bin it

Begin by sorting items that you currently use on a regular basis and place them temporarily into a section labelled ‘keep it’. Bear in mind these items will be moved again so don’t place them too far from the garage. These items are usually your gardening tools, sports equipment or hardware. For anything that you no longer use or haven’t used in a long time and are in good condition, they can be sold, traded or donated to local thrift shops. For the remaining junk, BIN IT!

Zone it

Now that we have reduced the clutter, it is time to categorise the items you want to store by creating different zones. Typically, your zones may consist of gardening, recreational/sport, seasonal, D.I.Y and the rarely used. Once you have chosen your zones, we can then begin to choose our storage options and what is best suited to each zone.

  • Gardening – the best form of storage solution for gardening tools is a wall system. Easy to install and provides easy access for frequent use.

Tips and Ideas to Organise Your Garage


  • Recreational/Sport – depending on the equipment you have, there are various options to consider when storing sports item. A hoist can be used to store kayaks, being suspended in the air it opens up a lot of space and makes for easy access preventing any scrape damage. Once again, a wall rack is excellent for bats, gloves, helmets and other various small items.

Tips and Ideas to Organise Your Garage

  • D.I.Y – ideally for a workbench we want to maximise as much storage capacity as possible. Getting a workbench with drawers and cabinets beneath the bench will allow for easy storage and access of any loose items. We recommend either a galvanised steel or cedar workbench on wheels as it makes it easier to clean and move. Install a pegboard wall system just above the workbench to place any tools that are frequently used. Install shelving units either side of the pegboard for any items that can’t be stored on the rack. If you plan on spending full days in the garage install some windows to allow for some natural light.


  • Seasonal/Rarely used – overhead/wall shelving systems make great storage options for any items that are seasonal and that aren’t used frequently. Mounts can be installed to the ceiling where tubs can slide off and on. These shelves can also be mounted to the wall.


By the end of this guide your garage should be looking a lot like how you imagined it, spacious, tidy and most importantly being able to fit your car inside.

Brett Rowley

Brett is a garage door expert who also runs Gryphon Garage Doors. He strives for great customer service, excellent product knowledge and constant innovation.