A Smart Future is a Convenient Future

Garage Doors , Thanks Page   Brett Rowley  | 09 August 2019

The future of smart parking is a future that is convenient and it may have already begun at your local shopping centre, without you even realising.

As we move into a technological future full of automated vehicles, mobile phones and smart homes, one area that we may have completely disregarded is the parking lot.

Have you ever experienced shopping on boxing day? What a nightmare.

However, thanks to companies like Smart Parking, the future of navigating through a chaotic parking lot is about to get a whole lot easier.

Here are some modern design and features that have already been implemented in car parks all around the world.

Digital guide signage

Digital signage is an ideal way to advertise real-time car park availability, capacity, tariffs, and other information at entrances and throughout the car park. 

It provides drivers with a clear indication of car bays that are available and directions throughout the complex guiding them in an orderly fashion, improving traffic flow and car park optimisation.

Combined with vehicle detection sensors, the live status of each bay is communicated back to using a smart cloud platform which then updates the digital signage that’s all connected to the network. 

Long gone are the days of having to stalk someone as they push their trolley throughout the complex trying to remember where they parked, simply look for a LED digital sign that tells if you there is an empty bay.

Vehicle detection sensors

In order for digital signage to display the correct real-time information vehicle detection sensors are installed throughout the parking complex and relay back live data using the cloud platform.

There are three types of vehicle detection sensors and include Overhead Indicator Sensors, In-ground Sensors and Surface Mount Sensors, with each technology accurately capturing a vehicle’s arrival and departure times, and if a bay is available.

You may have already experienced this technology when you enter and exit a shopping centre car park that has boom gates. For example, Westfield Carousel in Perth Western Australia utilises an automated license plate scanning system which opens the boom gate once it has detected your plate, providing fees have been paid.

A Smart Future is a Convenient Future
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Cloud platforms

Hidden amongst this organised chaos is a method to the madness that is helping businesses operate car parks with real-time information and API’s.

Smart Cloud is a world first in car park technology and information processing that connects, manages, and absorbs data from IoT devices. The innovative platform has been launched by Smart Parking, who have teamed up with Google and utilising their Google Cloud IoT Core platform. 

The cloud has been designed to gather data from thousands of installed sensors and devices within the car park, which in turn, processes this information into real-time reporting and events. The server-less system means more flexibility for businesses, invisible infrastructure, and automatic scaling with fairness of pay by use for customers.

Smart Parking in Perth

Who would’ve thought the nanny state would be one of the first cities in the world to implement a smart car park. Thanks to Telstra and Smart Parking, a pilot program was deployed within the City of Joondalup in 2017 and proved to be a great success.

The technology is designed to monitor vehicle activity, temperature, humidity, light pollution and noise levels to bring a more efficient and convenient parking service for customers.

Robotic carpark 

Hidden beneath a library in Denmark lies a completely automated car park that can park and retrieve your vehicle in one minute and can handle up to 235 cars per hour. The fully automated car park, named Dokk1, was designed by German firm Lödige Industries and can park a total of 1000 cars and stretches over three levels below the surface. 

How does it work?

It starts with the driver parking their vehicle into one of the 20 ground-level bays available, before grabbing a ticket and vacating their car. From here, the car will be lifted onto one of the 24 robots available where it will then get transferred into a personal space in the lower levels.


Smart garages at home

What about parking convenience in our own homes? For most homeowners, having an automatic garage door is a MUST —  long gone are the days of having to get out of your vehicle to open the garage door.

Recent garage door design trends have shown more homeowners opting for customised garage doors with wifi connected systems that allow you to operate your door using an app on your smartphone, this means you no longer need a garage door remote. 

If you’re thinking about making the switch from manually operated to automated or looking to add value to your property, upgrading your garage door should be the first move you make.

Gryphon Garage Doors custom made garage doors are a great way to give your homes exterior a facelift, add value to your property and make your day to day more convenient.

If you are a business, we also manufacture and install garage doors for commercial premises. You name what you are after, commercial roller doors, industrial roller shutters and we will have done for you.

A custom made garage door puts you in control, allowing you to customise frames, inserts, powder coat, ventilation options, windows, and material. 

Contact Gryphon Garage Doors Perth for a free quote and find out how you can improve your lifestyle and stay ahead of the curve.

Brett Rowley

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