A Guide on How to Remove Garage Door Dents

Garage Doors , Tips and Troubleshooting   Brett Rowley  | 16 October 2018

A dent on your garage door is like a windscreen chip on your car, it is a sight for sore eyes and it’s something you do not want to neglect as it can lead to further damage including rusting, paint peeling and loss of functionality. Your garage door is attached to your home and just like any other part of your home, it requires regular maintenance and some TLC to ensure that it continues to not only operate but provide that much needed curb appeal. Depending on the extent of the damage your garage door has received (and the type of garage door), there are some very easy DIY repairs that anyone can do to fix a dent:

Inspect your garage regularly

Do a quick inspection of the garage to identify if there any issues or damage that you can easily fix on your own. Regular maintenance allows you to catch any issues in the early stages to prevent further damage.

How to fix a dent?

There are 2 simple ways to fix a dent on your sectional garage door and it all depends on the materials that you have at home, that being said you can always purchase the required materials.

Before we get into this, do keep in mind that the chance of the dent being completely invisible is close to zero.

You can refer to our infographic or read the instructions we wrote below. 

How to fix garage door dents

Method 1

This method requires a little more elbow grease than method 2 but the materials you require are as follows: a wooden block, rubber mallet, putty knife, fine-grit sandpaper 80 coarse and 120 coarse, patching material, paint, and primer.

1- Wash the area with warm water and detergent and then allow for it to dry.
2- Place the wooden block over the dent and tap lightly and slowly with the mallet to flatten the surface.
3- Use the 120 coarse sandpaper on the indented side.
4- Using the putty knife, add the patching material and then sand down using the 80 coarse sandpaper.
5- Apply primer then allow drying, then apply the paint.

Method 2

For this method, you will need: compressed air, a heat source, and aluminium foil.

1- Wash the area with warm water and detergent and allow the surface to dry completely before the next step.
2- Place the aluminium strip over the dent.
3- Using your heat source, begin to heat evenly around the dent for about one minute until the foil heats up.
4- Remove the foil and using the compressed air, spray the dent upside down for about 30 seconds. The cold reaction from the compressed air against the heat should cause the dent to pop out.

What if the dent is beyond repair?

Unfortunately, if the dent is beyond repair then you may need to replace the panel but you will need to consider whether or not the panels still exist and are supplied. A new panel will also mean there could be a colour mismatch as your current garage would have experienced weathering over the years so you need to decide if you are happy with the difference. This could result in replacing more than one panel and could become quite costly so you could consider re-painting the panels. However, check with your garage door provider before doing so, as it might impact your warranty.

If you are unsure on how you should proceed then contact the professionals at Gryphon Garage Doors for a free quote or for some advice on your garage door. And while you’re at it, visit a workshop for windscreen chip repair in Perth.

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