Perth’s Safest Neighbourhoods 2020

House   Brett Rowley  | 25 December 2020

There’s no denying that Perth is one of the greatest cities in all of Australia. 

Known as the ‘nanna-state’, a report has revealed that Perth has become the second most liveable city in all of the nation after jumping up two spots from 2018, which is a massive improvement from being rated last place in 2017.

Whether it be the laid-back beach life, mediterranean climate, or rising middle class with a secure sectional garage door and backyard, us sand-gropers have it great!


Perth is the second most livable city in Australia 

But what makes Perth so liveable?

Is it our breathtaking beaches? Our slowly-growing city nightlife thanks to Yagan Square and Elizabeth Quay? Nah, it has to be the one and only Bell Tower right? 

It definitely has to be the ever so exciting and engaging Bell Tower….said no one ever.

Jokes aside, Perth has been ranked as the second most liveable city in the nation for a number of factors, including safety, availability of affordable housing, high-quality health services, good job prospects and access to the natural environment.

Among the factors listed, safety was valued the most, with 72% of Australians surveyed ranking ‘feeling safe’ as their number one consideration. In fact, Perth residents valued safety more than residents from any other major capital city across the nation. 


Perth’s safest neighbourhoods

On this note, we decided to find out where Perth’s safest neighbourhoods are for 2021. To create this list, we used Perth Crime Map which draws official data from WA Police Force Crime Statistics and done comparison using the latest data.

It is useful to remember that raw data isn’t everything when it comes to determining which suburb is safest. For example, Scarborough or Cottesloe might be safe residential neighbourhoods, but the number of incidents reported will be inflated because of the busy beaches and bars within them. Usually, more people means more crime and more alcohol means more crime. 

Incidents reported included assault robbery, burglary, car theft, and property damage. Here are the safest suburbs of Perth for 2022. 

(total crimes for the calendar year)

  1. Lower Chittering 26 reported incidents.
  2. Iluka 39 reported incidents.
  3. Daglish 55 reported incidents.
  4. Gooseberry Hill 65 reported incidents.
  5. Menora 87 reported incidents.
  6. Dalkeith 117 reported incidents.
  7. Wembley Downs 120 reported incidents.
  8. Floreat 282 reported incidents.
  9. Leeming 419 reported incidents.
  10.  Duncraig 433 reported incidents.

One of the safest suburbs to live in for 2022 with the lowest crime rate was Lower Chittering with 26 reported incidents. 

Although Leeming and Duncraig have quite high incidents of crime, the types of crime and density of the traffic coming in and out of the suburbs make them quite safe.


What are the worst suburbs to live in Perth?

You can’t have the best suburbs in Perth without featuring some of the worst neighbourhoods to live in. Here are the suburbs with the highest reported crime rate in Perth for 2022.

Again, it is useful to remember that raw data isn’t everything when it comes to determining which suburbs are unsafe. The types of crimes committed as well as the amount of people coming and going determine how safe it is. For example, if a suburb is mostly residential and has a crime rate similar to a suburb with large amounts of hospitality venues, the residential suburb will be more dangerous to live in. 

(total crimes for the calendar year)

  1. Perth (WA) 9,255 reported incidents.
  2. Fremantle 3,413 reported incidents.
  3. Armadale 3,395 reported incidents.
  4. Northbridge 3,256 reported incidents.
  5. Mandurah 3,035 reported incidents.
  6. Midland 2,808 reported incidents.
  7. Cannington 2,766 reported incidents.
  8. Belmont 1,767 reported incidents.
  9. Burswood 1,227 reported incidents.
  10.  Osborne Park 813 reported incidents.

It is clear why Perth would have the highest rate of crime. It has a dense population and a lot of bars, venues and clubs. It is interesting to note the suburbs that are mostly residential for this exercise, as they will express safety in terms of livability amongst the residents. 


House Safety Tips

Just because a suburb has appeared on one of these lists as either safe or unsafe, it doesn’t mean you should or shouldn’t live there. You might want to live in a suburb because it has great proximity to your work and interests, it has a great school, great infrastructure, or a great community. You should do your research and not let a list tell you what to do!

If you’re currently living in some of Perth’s most burgled suburbs, here’s WAPOL top 10 tips to avoid being burgled:

  1. Keep all doors and windows locked at all times, including sheds and garages even when you’re at home. People always leave their garage doors open, make sure your garage door is secure. 
  2. Keep all valuable items such as laptops, mobile phones, cameras, and other electronic devices out of sight.
  3. Install a security alarm with visible external light and always turn it on.
  4. Do not hide spare keys around your yard, leave it with a friend, neighbour or relative.
  5. If you go on holiday, arrange for your mail to be held by Australia Post or collected daily by a friend or relative.
  6. Be careful what you mention on social media. 
  7. Install motion sensor lights to the exterior of your property.
  8. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed to reduce the opportunity for burglars to hide and increase visibility from the street.
  9. Engrave or mark your property with your driver’s licence number for easy identification.
  10. Destroy boxes from newly bought appliances, including TVs, fridges, washers, consoles and so on, so they are not on display for burglars to see.


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