Tips to Troubleshoot Your Garage Door

Garage Doors , Tips and Troubleshooting   Brett Rowley  | 05 December 2018

When your garage door begins to play up there can be a number of different factors that could be causing the issue. It is important to identify which of the following issues you may be experiencing to ensure you take the safest and appropriate actions.

The situations below are door and motor-related, have a look at our garage door opener troubleshoot article for remote related issues.


1. My garage door won’t close all the way


This can be caused by 3 different sections of your garage system:

  • Limit adjustment
    Your garage door has in-built limit settings that communicate how far your door will move down and up along the tracks as it opens and closes. If the limiter has been accidentally knocked or changed this can cause your garage door to not close all the way. Simply adjust the limit screw which can be located usually on the back of the motor, remembering that turning clockwise will adjust opening and counterclockwise is closing. Keep in mind that each full screw turn equates to approximately a 3-inch change.
  • Realign safety sensors
    Located on either side of your garage door are safety sensors which instruct your garage door to close or open when the coast is clear. If you find that your garage door won’t close, it is most likely that something could be blocking the sensors. Check that both lights on the sensors are on. If they are blinking or are off then something could be blocking the line of sight or they may need readjustment.
    Clear off any loose debris, leaves or dirt and if the problem persists have a look at your garage door opener manual or contact a professional.
  • Replace rollers
    In rare cases, if your rollers are damaged or rusted then ultimately you will need to replace them. Attempt to lubricate them first, if this does not fix the issue then it’s best to contact the professionals at Gryphon Garage Doors.


2. My garage door reverses before touching the floor.


Two factors can cause your garage door to reverse before touching the floor:

  • Re-adjust closing force settings
    Your garage door should have an adjustment screw that allows you to change the force required to close your door. If your door is reversing before it touches the floor, this means that too much force is being used as the door thinks it has already touched the floor. Reduce the amount of force required to close the door and this should fix it, if in doubt contact the professionals.
  • Lubricate or replace rollers
    Damaged or rusted rollers can cause extra friction resulting in the garage opener to stop early. Inspect your rollers to see if there is any damage and replace if needed. Apply lubrication if necessary. Make sure to exercise caution if you are attempting to replace rollers but it is always a good idea to contact a professional.


3. My garage door reverses after touching the floor.


  • Re-adjust closing limit
    If your garage door is reversing immediately after touching the floor, it’s most likely going to be an issue with the closing force settings. Adjust the limiting screw which can be located on the back of the garage motor, remembering that adjusting clockwise will result in opening limits and counterclockwise is closing limits.


4. My garage door doesn’t open all the way


  • Re-adjust up-limit
    Differing from the opening and closing limiter is the up-limit lever that controls how far up the door will open. Having the lever too far away from the motor will cause the door to stop before it fully opens.
    The lever can usually be located at the end of the tracks near the garage motor, simply move the lever towards the motor and this should fix it.
  • Replace or lubricate rollers
    You know the drill. Replace or lubricate any rollers that are damaged or rusty as this can cause the door to stop short.


Contact the professionals

Inspecting your garage door system can be quite a technical task and may require you to read an ancient manual filled with foreign transcripts that you are not familiar with – providing you remember where you last put it. At Gryphon Garage Doors, we have resources you can download and fully trained technicians who are available and dedicated to help with all technical questions and enquiries.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or speak to one of our friendly staff for more information.


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