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Custom Made or Designed Garage Doors

Want to truly find a way to set your home apart? Garage doors are a great way to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home’s overall design—if you choose the right one. We offer a wide range of garage doors to help you bring your home’s appearance to the next level, but sometimes, we may not have something that exactly hits the mark for you.

If you have a specific profile, colour, material, feature, or style in mind, then our standard garage doors may not satisfy your requirements—but that doesn’t mean we’re not capable of making your vision a reality! 

Gryphon Garage Doors can assist with the design of your Custom Made Garage Door. Contact us to discuss your ideas for a Custom Made Garage Door.

All Custom Made Garage Doors are covered by our exclusive 12-year warranty.


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What Kind of Features Can You Customise? 

We understand that pre-designed garage doors may not always meet your needs and wants.

You can spend countless hours browsing through hundreds of pre-designed garage doors, searching for the perfect option that matches your overall homes exterior and end up with nothing.

When you finally find a wood-look design that matches your homes driveway – you realise you need more ventilation, or there aren’t enough windows.

This is where custom built garage doors puts you in control.

Choose from a wide range of customisable features including frames, inserts, powder coats, ventilation options, and windows, to create your dream door with a touch of individuality.

If you can envision it, then we can make it a reality.

Increase your home’s impact on your street, take a look at our wide range of customisable features available in Perth and start creating your personalised garage door now.


Inspirations Garage Doors

Sourcing only the highest quality materials, our aluminium framed garage doors are built to last and are completely customisable, this means you get to decide the look of your garage door frame and the inserts going along with it.

Choose the garage door frame powder coat you desire and design a garage door that matches your home’s style of architecture. Whether you are after a wood-look finish or just a particular colour, we will have the treatment and powder coat you desire.

Our selection of our composite inserts will allow you to truly make your custom-built garage door stand out from any other on the street. Inserts like glass, Mini-Orb, Perspex, Makrolon, Western Red Cedar, acrylic, perforated aluminium and Amplimesh to name only a few will allow you to play with textures, colours, light and airflow.

You also have the possibility to mix and match insert types for more visual impact.

Types of insert - custom garage doors in Perth and Melbourne


Options that will provide ventilation

Aluminum Louvre Garage Doors 

Whilst complimenting the style of your home or business, Gryphon’s sturdy aluminium sectional garage door focuses on providing privacy and security without sacrificing on ventilation and light. We put your safety first using finger proof technology to ensure no fingers are caught between panels. Achieve a contemporary and modern design that’s durable, safe and secure.

Custom Horizontal Slatted Sectional Aluminum Garage Door Custom Aluminum Louvre Garage Door

Horizontal Slatted Sectional Aluminum Garage Door

The modern, unusual sleek look meets ultimate ventilation. These garage doors can offer between 10 to 40% ventilation to your home.

Horizontal Slatted Sectional Aluminum Garage Door Gryphon Aluminum Bar Grille Panel - Garage Door - Commercial Door - Gryphon


Security Mesh Sectional Aluminum Garage Door

Our security mesh door provides a safe and secure solution that allows for up to 75% ventilation. Get more airflow for your home or business without compromising your safety.

Custom Aluminum Garage Door Commercial Continental Diamond mesh Inserts Gryphon 


Aluminum Bar Grille Garage Door

Construction with a frame to fit your garage door and round rods placed through it, this garage door can offer as much as 80% ventilation. Gryphon Offers horizontal and vertical bar options.

Gryphon custom garage Doors Perth - custom bar panel door in pearl onyx Gryphon custom garage Doors Perth - custom bar panel door in pearl onyx

Aluminum Bar Grille Panel - Garage Door - Gryphon Custom-Aluminum-Garage-Door-Commercial-CarPark-Horizontal-Bar-Grille-Inserts-Gryphon-2


Custom Aluminum Garage Door - Vertical Bar - spear heads - Gryphon


Garage Doors Frames Colour Options

Because the frames are all powder coated, Gryphon can provide you with over a 100 colour options varying in intensity and durability. As it can be a little overwhelming to have to choose a design, frame colours and even inserts types, our consultants will be happy to help if you need them.


Biowood Garage Door

Gryphon’s Biowood Garage Doors offer a natural timber look and feel that is low maintenance, meets safety requirements, and adds to your curb appeal. If you’re after that timeless timber look without the hassle and costs of a traditional hardwood garage door then Biowood is for you.


Why choose a Biowood Garage Door

  • Provides an authentic, classic and timeless look and feel of timber.
  • Lightweight composition
  • Designed to withstand our harsh Australia climate – no splinters, cracks, warping, or rot.
  • Extremely durable and highly resistant to water, mould, mildew, and termites.
  • Bushfire resistant
  • Has been tested to be suitable for marine and salt spray environments – homes close to the beach.
  • Environmentally friendly by being a sustainable timber alternative that’s completely recyclable.
  • Can be re-sanded and resealed.
  • Wide range of staining options.



Timber Garage Door

Whether your home is old or new, our timber garage doors are the perfect addition to any home’s design. Timber Garages doors bring out the best both in contemporary and more traditional houses. These doors are manufactured on an aluminium frame to add more strength and durability.  Timber is a good material to pick if you leave alongside a busy road as it is a great natural sound barrier.


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