Custom Made or Designed Garage Doors

Want to truly find a way to set your home apart? Garage doors are a great way to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home’s overall design—if you choose the right one. We offer a wide range of garage doors to help you bring your home’s appearance to the next level, but sometimes, we may not have something that exactly hits the mark for you.

If you have a specific profile, colour, material, feature, or style in mind, then our standard garage doors may not satisfy your requirements—but that doesn’t mean we’re not capable of making your vision a reality! 

Gryphon Garage Doors can assist with the design of your Custom Made Garage Door. Contact us to discuss your ideas for a Custom Made Garage Door.

All Custom Made Garage Doors are covered by our exclusive 12-year warranty.


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What Kind of Features Can You Customise? 

Sometimes, though, when browsing through the selection of garage doors available, nothing exactly jumps out at you as the perfect fit. So, what then? That’s where custom made garage doors come in.

With custom-made garage doors, if you can envision it, then we can make it a reality. We offer a wide range of options for custom made garage doors to help you personalize your selection and design precisely the garage door you have in mind.


Inspirations Garage Doors

We offer a gorgeous range of aluminum framed garage doors paired with a selection of composite inserts. Find the match right for your home!


Aluminum Louvre Garage Doors 

These garage doors can provide privacy, while still offering ventilation—ideal for many modern developments.


Biowood Garage Door

If you’re seeking the natural look and feel of timber while finding a low maintenance and safe garage door solution, then Biowood is for you!


Timber Garage Door

Whether your home is old or new, our timber garage doors are the perfect addition to any home’s design.


Tilt Door 

For garages that are smaller or have restricted space, tilt garage doors offer an ideal solution. Easy to operate and opening fast, tilt doors may be just the solution you’ve been seeking.


Horizontal Slatted Sectional Aluminum Garage Door

The modern, sleek look meets ultimate ventilation! These garage doors can offer between 10-40% ventilation to your home.


Security Mesh Sectional Aluminum Garage Door

If you want a garage door solution that offers free airflow, this may be the ideal solution for your home—offering as much as 75% ventilation.


Aluminum Bar Grille Garage Door

Construction with a frame to fit your garage door and round rods placed through it, this garage door can offer as much as 80% ventilation. 


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Whatever your vision is for your ideal garage door, we can make it a reality! Get in touch with us for a free measure and quote today, and to speak with an expert about what type of custom garage door would be best suited to your home!