Regular servicing of your garage doors is necessary to keep them operating normally.

Just as you would take in your car for routine maintenance, your garage doors also need regular servicing to avoid potential problems. Maintenance not only ensures safe and smooth operation, but also greatly reduces the risk of operational failure in the future. Servicing also ensures that the hardware operates flawlessly without any problems, and helps to prolong product life.

Servicing for garage doors is recommended at least every 12 months by a qualified technician. A service only takes 30-40 mins but it’s a valuable investment that can prevent costly repairs in the future. To have your garage doors serviced, simply give us a call and we will send an expert technician to your home.

Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors are complex systems with numerous moving parts. Each component works together to effortlessly open and close the doors at the push of a button. As the largest moving object in your home, the parts that make up the entire system wear and tear over time. Problems naturally arise especially when you consider that the average garage door is opened and closed approximately 1,500 times per year.

Spring tensioning is an important part of servicing, special tools are required to tension the springs.

If your garage doors are not operating as they should, it could be due to several reasons. Here are some of the most common garage door problems that we can assist with:

  • Obstructions in the wheel tracks (e.g. dents or bends)
  • Spring mechanism issues
  • Worn extension pulleys or cables
  • Misaligned or defective doors
  • Lack of lubricant or accumulation of debris
  • Broken or damaged rollers
  • Motor unit failure
  • Damaged garage doors

These issues can cause your garage doors to not close all the way or get jammed as you open or close it.

As the main entryway to your home, any problems with your garage doors can be extremely inconvenient. Damaged systems also presents a major safety risk for you and your family. If you are experiencing any problems with your garage doors from uneven movements to loud noises when opening or closing, we strongly recommend contacting a professional to diagnose and rectify the issue.

Call us today on 1300 959 554 for garage door repairs in Perth and Melbourne or send us a message. Our skilled technicians are capable of performing routine maintenance and all major repairs including parts replacement. We have fully trained technicians on hand to assist with any technical questions and other enquiries.