How to Boost Sales by Improving Your Venue’s Outdoor Space

Article , Commercial   Brett Rowley  | 01 February 2021

It’s no secret that Australians love the alfresco dining experience, but just having an outdoor space isn’t enough to get customers dining with you. Taking the effort to improve your patio or terrace space to make it both comfortable and functional will make a big difference in attracting customers, and with more customers you’ll see greater revenue. Amendments such as outdoor blinds are a simple way to add the curbside appeal that will entice customers into your cafe or restaurant. It has been found that 70% of first time sales were based on curb appeal. Before you go making any changes to your venue however, there are a number of questions to ask.


What regulations surround adding amendments to my patio or terrace?

Every council varies in their regulations regarding amendments to outdoor areas. While most councils don’t require any approvals before small installations such as outdoor blinds, it’s still wise to check with your local council before you make any changes to your venue. Your council will provide this information on their website. Note that your property may have additional restrictions beyond council regulations if located within a gated community or managed by strata.


How much of my pavement can I use for my venue?

All food businesses who want to have a dining space on public land – for example, the pavement – are required by law to obtain an Outdoor Dining Permit from their city. Check with your city’s requirements on what is needed to obtain a permit. Requirements often include Food Business Registration and Public Liability Insurance.

When lodging your application you’ll also be able to specify how much space on the pavement you wish to use for dining space. When specifying your desired space, remember to leave a suitable clearance on the pavement to allow for a footpath for public use. This clearance is known as a pedestrian clearance.


Can I make my outdoor area pet friendly?

Since 2012 WA food businesses have been given the choice to allow dogs on their premises. As such, you can make your outdoor area pet friendly with no need to seek council approval.


What permits do I need for electrical or plumbing work?

As mentioned previously, every council works differently when it comes to regulations and permits in regards to construction on your property. Checking with them before making any amendments to your outdoor areas is crucial. This also applies to electrical or plumbing work.

If you are seeking to add an entirely new electrical connection, then you will need to contact Western Power, and lodge an application to have the work done. There are several different applications depending on the size and need of your business.
Also be aware that you will need a licensed electrician or plumbing to complete whatever work your business needs.


What Noise Ordinance Do I Need to Know?

Noise refers to unwanted sound that causes disruptions or stress. Restrictions surrounding noise and its governance comes from a piece of legislation titled the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 (Noise Regulations). You can read this at length here. Every council will have it’s own noise ordinance based upon this legislation which you can usually find on their website.


You’re now likely asking yourself what you can do to improve your venue’s outdoor space. An attractive outdoor space will make customers want to dine with you. Customers are even happier to pay more for their meal if they enjoy a restaurant’s atmosphere. Here are three simple ways to improve your venue’s patio and terrace to boost your revenue.


Decorate with plants

It’s been found that customers are more likely to visit restaurants that are landscaped, so add some greenery to your patio or terrace. Moveable planters are a great choice as they allow you to move and rearrange them to suit your needs. You can use the planters to divide your outdoor dining area if you’re hosting a private event, or move them into a safe space if you want to keep them protected after opening hours. You’ll be surprised by how much more inviting your cafe or restaurant will look with the addition of a few potted plants and flowers.


Create a comfortable atmosphere

Choose comfortable outdoor furniture that matches your venue’s aesthetic. Your outdoor dining area is likely the first thing that potential customers see, so ensure that you make the space as inviting as possible. If your venue is open at night, consider adding some fairy lights to create a warm atmosphere that also attracts the eye of passing would-be customers.


Add protection against the elements

Don’t let customers be deterred from dining in due to bad weather. Strong winds, direct sun, and rain are all reasons why customers avoid dining outside. Installing outdoor blinds gives you protection against the elements all year round. Gryphon Garage Doors offers three different types of outdoor blinds to suit your venue, each come with a range of customisable features. You don’t need to worry about losing your curbside appeal with outdoor blinds like these. Clear PVC outdoor blinds offer the greatest level of protection without ruining the view from your patio or terrace. Not only that but they offer up to 93% UV protection.

If you want added privacy for your venue, then mesh outdoor blinds are a great choice. Mesh outdoor blinds also help control airflow, keeping it light and temperate regardless of how hot or windy it is outside. Gryphon Garage Doors also offer PVC mesh outdoor blinds that can be motorised and are available in 19 designer colours. Ideal for boosting that valuable curbside appeal. For stylish, customisable outdoor blinds, look no further than Gryphon Garage Doors.


Create an alfresco dining experience that customers can’t get enough of with these simple additions to your patio or terrace and watch your revenues grow. A little effort truly does go a long way.

Brett Rowley

Brett is a garage door expert who also runs Gryphon Garage Doors. He strives for great customer service, excellent product knowledge and constant innovation.