Home Renovation: Where To Begin?

House   Brett Rowley  | 03 August 2017

Keeping your home in top shape can be a rather challenging task. Whether they just came in for a visit or are looking to buy, your guests won’t like to see a run-down place. If you’re scouring the web for tips, the idea of renovating your living spaces may already have inhabited your head for a while.

What you need now, first and foremost, is a plan. Home renovation fees can quickly grow to become extremely taxing on your daily life. Furthermore, especially when done wrong, these projects have the ability to syphon huge chunks of your time and energy.

Before we continue, you should step back from your screen for a few seconds. Find a notebook and a pen: laying your ideas down on paper is a great idea! A way to visualise the boundaries of your project, notes let you understand which results you should aim for first.

Got everything you need? Great! Let’s see how to tackle this beast in an effective and fun way together!


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Start From a Relatively Simple Job!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but some things require more effort than others. Unless you can afford to deal with failure, your plan should always reflect your skills. Home renovation is an umbrella term encompassing a plethora of quick repairs and fixes. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to start with something that you are sure you can accomplish.

Aside from floors, walls are one of the most exposed parts of your home. Easy to stain and continuously subjected to the effects of humidity and weather, walls soon start showing signs of wear. As the months go on, sporadic cracks and holes will also appear.

Luckily, breathing new life into these structures is often as simple as giving them a fresh coat of paint. Your house is immediately going to look and feel brighter. Paint fills in shallow cracks and most preparations also work as a barrier against mould. Most importantly, colour combinations can be used to show your more creative side!

A change in fixtures is another staple of home renovation. Light sources, tiles, appliances, and doors age just like the rest of your home and will require extra maintenance at some point. Creaky doors and dim lights are among the first things potential buyers will notice when visiting a property. Don’t forget your entrance and garage doors, as those too affect the first impression your home leaves.

Need a little encouragement? Remember that doing just about anything in a dark room is going to strain your eyes and that noises will keep you up at night! While these all sound like secondary worries, the results are going to make you wonder why you didn’t think of them sooner.

Once you feel more confident, you can start taking on bigger challenges, with only your imagination to limit you. If you have access to your roof, a skylight can drastically reduce your home’s power consumption. Similarly, garages and barns could be converted into multi-purpose spaces; gardens can be decorated, and kitchens rebuilt as to follow a specific theme.


Work as If It Weren’t Your House

Whatever you decide to do, be as methodical as humanly possible. There’s a reason why most home renovation specialists take months to complete larger projects. Impatience is your worst enemy. Not only does rushing things sets the stage for a tacky job, it also increases the risks of having to start again from scratch.

A smart approach to your workflow will save you time and a handful of cash. If you’re planning extensive maintenance, similar jobs around the house should be prioritised before you move to something else. When you’re done painting your living room, for instance, make sure no other parts of the house need a fresh coat before you start working on something else.

This brief guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning materials. Another source of concern for home renovation enthusiasts, these heavily influence both expectations and results. Today retailers offer countless options to choose from, giving your imagination much more space and freedom. From wood to steel, vinyl, and glass, most elements of your home come in different sizes, shapes, and forms!

Ultimately, your budget will make most decisions for you. A compromise should be reached, all while keeping in mind that going for the cheapest isn’t always the best bet. Spending a touch more money may feel daunting at first, but ensures that your home can stand the test of time.

Eco-friendly energy solutions are only one among the many solid long-term investments. Solar panels and self-sustaining generators may require some additional reading for you to get a grasp of how they work, but can effectively cut down your home’s emissions and your bills.

solar panels

In Conclusion

Home renovation is far from being a hobby with which you can kill a few hours. Even when all of the above is taken into account, continuous dedication is the only path towards success. Getting your intended results may require multiple attempts, especially if you’re working on a complex matter.

Unless you’re a professional, some jobs will also be beyond your capabilities. Before you even start considering a Do-It-Yourself approach, you should remember that – at least sometimes – failure is going to be the most likely option.

There is no shame in accepting your limits nor in enlisting the aid of an expert. Companies don’t only possess the right tools for the job, but also had a chance to master their craft through years of experience. Certified technicians know what they’re doing and take most of the responsibility in case of damage.

A balanced mix of both DIY and hired help remains the best approach. You should still be free to experiment and try out your projects. Just as you would with a serious wound or with a critical mechanical failure, though, some fixing is better left in the hands of a professional!


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