Garage Doors: Which One Should You Buy?

Article , Information   Brett Rowley  | 24 July 2017

Do you have a garage that is getting pelted by the elements and is open to thieves? Let me tell you a little secret I’ve been holding onto, but don’t tell anyone. Garage doors aren’t that expensive, and they will significantly improve your home! 

How? Well, they will protect your home from rain, sun, wind and thieves for starters, which improves your safety and helps your property last. Additionally, they will increase the value of your home because of this security, as well as how great garage doors look to your front!

But, which one should you even get? And which door is best? There are many things to consider when you choose which garage door is best to buy. In this article, we will walk through some of the things you must know before you buy!


Which garage door is Best?

Wondering which type of garage door is the best? You gotta tell us what you’re wanting first. Each garage door is suited to a purpose. For example, a roller door is great for a commercial space that sees a lot of traffic through the doorway. Meanwhile, a sectional garage door that has been customised is great for a home. It all depends on your needs. 


What is the difference between a roller door and a sectional door?

You’re wondering what the difference is between a roller door vs sectional garage door? Some people think that all garage doors are the same.  A garage door is a garage door, right? Wrong! There are actually two different kinds of garage doors: 


Roller Garage Doors 

A roller garage door is a shield that is rolled up into the roof. It is usually one, long piece of corrugated material, like tine, aluminium or steel. These doors are typically cheaper, but less durable. They can be operated either by hand, chain, or even sometimes electric motors. 


Sectional Garage Doors

A sectional garage door, instead of being one long sheet of metal, is made of a few panels that connect and interlock on hinges. Usually these are more expensive, but offer more security and freedom of design. You can even get windows installed in this kind of garage door. 


Is a roller garage door more secure?

A roller door for a garage will definitely be secure. It will for sure be more secure than nothing, but will it be more secure than a sectional garage door? Unfortunately not. 

You can also get roller doors made out of reinforced materials which will bolster their strength. They offer a great amount of security. 


Are roller garage doors worth it?

Are roller garage doors simply the cheap option and don’t offer much else? Certainly not! As mentioned above, each garage door is suited for a different purpose. For the humble roller garage door, this purpose is high traffic doorways and industrial areas.

Why? Well the roller garage door can be easily rolled up and down in no time at all. So if it has to come up and down multiple times in a day, a roller door will really shine! 


Is a sectional garage door better than a roller door?

Is a sectional garage door better than a roller door you ask? In my opinion, yes, and no. A sectional door is usually the best option for homes because it can be secure, whisper quiet and has many design choices. 

But would they be best for an industrial garage? Probably not! That title belongs to the roller garage door.


What is the safest type of garage door?

What do you mean by safe? Do you mean safest by most secure? Because that would be the sectional garage door. Or do you mean what is the safest type of garage door to use? That question becomes much more nebulous. 

There wouldn’t be a specific type of garage door that is safest to use. Rather, the best option is to buy from a reputable garage door installer and service company. By buying from a reputable company, you make sure their years of experience and workmanship guarantee protect you! Always trust an expert in the industry!


How much should a new garage door cost?

Getting ripped-off has to be one of the most annoying, frustrating, and blood boiling things that can happen to you. That overwhelming feeling when your gut sinks and you feel like you’re about to blow a blood-vessel in your forehead really is the pits. Alleviate your stress and know how much your garage door should cost. 

Usually, garage doors in Perth can range between anywhere from $900-$6,000, depending on what sort of product you buy. A custom door with all the bells and whistles will cost more than a basic roller door, obviously. If you want a complete rundown on prices, you can find out more here. 


Who makes the best roller garage doors?

Who makes the best roller garage doors you ask? Need you not worry my doorless friend, I can call your question and raise you further! Because not only do I know who makes the best roller doors, but I also know who makes the best sectional, wood-look, insulated, and custom garage doors too! Oh, did I mention they also install, service and repair them too? Because they do! 

Gryphon Garage Doors is one of the best garage door companies in Perth, and have been helping Australians protect their homes and commercial spaces in stylish ways for over 25 years. Why is this important? Well it means we’ve come across countless different jobs, and have had to overcome each one. So no matter your situation, you gotta get a Gryphon. We have:

  • Finger proof safety 
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Your garage broke down and you need it ASAP? Not a problem! Give us a call and we will try our best to get to you today and open your space!

Brett Rowley

Brett is a garage door expert who also runs Gryphon Garage Doors. He strives for great customer service, excellent product knowledge and constant innovation.