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Garage Doors: Which One Should You Buy?

Article , Information   Adam Butterworth  | 24 July 2017

For many, a garage is a bit of a second home. This sturdy room doesn’t only house your vehicles, it often doubles as a DIY repair shop, a gym, and a multi-purpose workspace. When the time to replace those old and creaky doors finally comes, choosing a worthy successor can be difficult.

The market offers a plethora of possibilities. Garage doors are usually available in different shapes, colours, and materials. Wondering which one is the most suitable for you? You can stop worrying! Keep reading this article and we’ll find that out together!

 It’s All a Matter of Space…

Whether you just finished building your first garage or finally decided to gift yourself a brand-new set of doors, space remains of the utmost importance. Installing any kind of barrier is inevitably going to eat up a small part of the room. The actual moving slates and any auxiliary mechanism all need suitable housing.

Before you rush to the nearest home improvement store, take a moment and plan your next moves. Measure the room’s height, length, and depth. Writing the numbers down on a piece of paper saves you from having to do the job twice. With that data in your possession, you’re now ready to start considering your options!

In this case, the solution mainly comes down to specific types of doors as well as personal style. Is your garage part of the house? A sliding, rolling or sectional gate will usually work best. These run parallel to the walls or roof, all while keeping a low profile. In contrast, those working on a barn-like structure can opt for more traditional pivoting portals.

garage doors gryphon

… And of Personal Physical Strength!

A thick metal shutter will protect your belongings from even the strongest of natural calamities. Burglars will find it hard to break through, but its weight may make it heavier to operate. This is where composition and automation come into play. Before you buy your next doors, you’ll have to choose whether they’ll work thanks to electricity or human muscles.

Garage doors are built out of a variety of materials. Plywood, steel, aluminium, fibreglass, and even plastics such as vinyl or PVC are all available. Choosing the right one means considering its aesthetic, physical, and practical characteristics. You should never cheap out, but your budget will obviously influence the selection process.

At this point, you should also think of the future: imagine your older self trying to deal with the same doors you’re about to buy. There are two more things that should be kept in mind: how well the material will withstand the weather and how much additional space an eventual automatic opening mechanism shall require.

In Conclusion

Here are the most important – although not the only – characteristics that should be considered before buying a garage door. We can’t make the final choice for you; that solely rests upon your shoulders! Still, we hope this brief article pointed you in the right direction!

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Adam Butterworth

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