Humble Beginnings Behind Closed (Garage) Doors

Garage Doors   Brett Rowley  | 26 June 2019

What started out as a dream in an empty garage soon became a reality for these Australian owned businesses. 

From restaurants, bars and cafes, to motorbike workshops and a live music venue, garages have become more than just a place for your cars.

For most, it started off as just an idea, what if we just turned our garage into an office space? A space where an idea could be nurtured into a business. 

And that’s where things kicked off.

An idea is never too small and dreams are never too big because what may have seemed insignificant at first could be the next best thing.

You probably would have heard of the company Apple — iPhones, Macbooks and iPads, but did you know the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, started this company in his garage?

To bring it close to home, here are some Australian businesses who operate out of a garage.

Smoked Garage

Humble Beginnings Behind Closed (Garage) Doors

From humble beginnings building bikes in Bali and carving it up, to a multi-level facility with a workshop in the basement garage, showroom and cafe on ground level, and a function space on the top — Smoked Garage has come along way to become the mecca of Custom Bikes in Brisbane.

Whether you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or not, this 100 year old 3 level facility has a restaurant cafe, a fully licensed bar, a barbershop and to top it all off… Custom hand built motorbikes.

Even if you’re not really into bikes and you’ve just been forced to come along, you can always grab a bite to eat and a coldie to sip on, you can even get a haircut while you wait.

Smoked Garage has hosted a number of events including charity functions, live bands, and corporate meetings, which you can view the gallery here.

Check out Smoked Garage and find out how you can be a part of a movement that’s making waves in Australia.


Riley St Garage

Riley Street Garage - Restaurants which were garages

Originally what started out as Australia’s first full service garage, the building was renovated and remodelled into a 1930s New York Meatpacking District inspired grand bar and restaurant. 

Located in New South Wales, The 200 seater venue opened in 2013 and is most distinguished for its enormous brass island bar that sits centre-stage creating an immersive experience that takes you through early American history. 

An award winning menu curated by Executive Chef Regan Porteous brings you a worldly tastebud experience with favourites including the smokey soy truffle oysters, crispy pork knuckle and indulgent dessert platters.

Enjoy your favourite alcoholic beverages with an elusive cocktail menu or complementing wine selection with your meal, Riley St Garage caters for all food and drink enthusiasts.

Stay up to date with all that’s happening at Riley St Garage here.

The Garage

The Garage - Restaurants which were garages

Looking for a venue to host your next music gig? The Garage should be at the top of your list. This 150 seater venue comes equipped with a full stage, complete professional sound system and can provide all your necessities including door, bar and sound engineer staff. What would a venue be without a courtyard? 

Kick back in the outdoors in an illuminated courtyard and listen to some quality live music over a cold one. Unfortunately, the venue does not have a liquor license but can be made available upon request. For just a $10 Uber ride from Northbridge, you can locate this elusive venue in the heart of Osborne Park, in Perth.

Like or follow their facebook page to stay up to date with events and music gigs here.

Gordon St Garage

Gordon Street Garage - Restaurants which were garages

Bringing it closer to home and located just outside the hustle and bustle of Perth CBD — although when is Perth ever hustling and bustling?

Hidden off the beaten track lies Gordon St Garage, a cafe restaurant that offers a fine dining experience for breakfast, lunch and dinner at affordable prices.

And yes, they serve alcohol. In fact, they have complete drinks menu filled with craft beers, exotic cocktails, distilled liquors, and an assortment of fine wines. 

Immersed in a quirky retro fit out surrounded by plenty of indoor plants, we can’t get enough of indoor plants, the illustrious cafe is the perfect venue to satisfy cravings, host work functions, or a couple of after work drinks with the colleagues you love (or hate, no ones judging you).

Check out their website to see what’s cooking or stay up to date with their lively instagram page.

Make your dream a reality

Have an idea but don’t know where to start? We recommend organising your garage first — running an obstacle course each time you need to get to your car isn’t really ideal.

Organising your garage is the first step to opening up space, what you do after is entirely up to you. There are plenty of potential garage reconversions you could undertake to fit your professional or personal projects. Think of installing proper ventilation and insulation to make the space more liveable and perhaps, purchase a custom garage door with glass inserts to let natural light in.

If you currently suffer from a squealing garage door that’s almost unpalatable, contact Gryphon Garage Doors, the garage door specialists who have been helping Perthians transform their homes one custom garage door at a time.

Brett Rowley

Brett is a garage door expert who also runs Gryphon Garage Doors. He strives for great customer service, excellent product knowledge and constant innovation.