Our home is our castle and feeling safe inside our homes is paramount, but often, we’re not aware of how safe the area in which we live really is.

How safe is your neighbourhood?

In February 2018, the WA Police released data revealing the results of crime profiling across suburbs of Perth.

By searching for your suburb via this ABC News link, you are now able to view the number of recorded offences from 2007 – 2016 committed in your area.  Break in statistics are on the list, under ‘Dwelling Burglary’, ‘Stealing of Motor Vehicle’ and ‘Robbery’.

If you are concerned about the number of break-ins and car thefts in your suburb, there are a few ways you can help protect your home – starting with your garage.

Yes, your garage door is one of the entrances a burglar will use to gain access to your home and if not properly installed or maintained, it can be very easy for a burglar to enter this way.

How to make your garage safer

Let’s look at some ways to protect your home from break ins via your garage:

  1. Keep your garage door opener inside the house

It can be as simple as that.

As convenient as keeping the remote for your garage door in your car may be, doing so makes it easier for a burglar to steal it.

  1. Install an alarm

Installing an alarm for your garage door is another great solution.

Similar to alarms for window locks, if they sense motion, they will emit an alarm.

  1. Install motion sensing lights

Keeping any area of your home well-lit, particularly your garage, will deter burglars.

Want to go that one step further?  Install motion sensing lights.

  1. Cover the windows

The more a burglar can see into your garage, the more likely they are to break in.

If your garage has windows, use frosted spray paint, or install curtains or blinds, to increase privacy.

At Gryphon Garage Doors, we have been supplying and installing quality garage doors that help protect you and your home for over 25 years.

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