Gryphon Garage Doors

Answers to the frequently asked Questions: Including types of batteries, manual release and coding in handsets.

  • Do the remotes take batteries?
    Yes. The size is A23 (Standard Remotes)
  • Nothing is happening when I press the Remote Button
    Check battery in remote, check that the motor fuse has not blown, check that you have not had a power black out.
    If light on the motor does not come on you may have blown the fuse. (refer to circuit board diagram for fuse location)
    The fuse is a glass style 1.6 amp 240 volt.
  • My door is making a squeaking noise
    Spray the hinges and rollers with a silicone base lubricant spray. Be careful that you do not put too much spray on. Then clean the track out.
  • The power went out, and I cannot get out of my garage.
    Pull the manual release cord gently with one hand and with the other hand lift the door.
  • How do I code-in my handsets (remotes)
    Each handset model has different coding instructions best to Google the model number and download instructions.