Choose a window style that fits your home

Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home, or transform the garage into a home office or gym, window inserts are a cost-effective solution that increase natural light while enhancing your home’s exterior.

Gryphon Garage Doors have a wide selection of window options including Ranch, Stanford and Heritage profiles. To make sure you pick the right window insert for your garage door profile, speak to one of our design experts today.

Explore our range of garage window insert designs

For added functionality and visual appeal, view our selection of both, modern and traditional,  garage door window inserts below.


Ranch profile

For plain, modern inserts that allow for more sunlight, to a more traditional finish with curved sherwood or four-panel wide sunray styles, for large rectangular panels approx. 1.2m wide.

Stanford profile

If you have a Stanford Profile garage door, only three or six panels wide, you have similarly styled options, such as the traditional sunrise style or rectangular colonial style. 

Heritage Profile

Sectional Heritage Profile garage doors, featuring small rectangular panels that are 0.5m wide, are suited to smaller windows. Our Plain, Sherwood and Sunray styles are also available for Heritage Profiles, among others.











Sunray 2×2


Stockton x 8


Please note: More window styles are available. Please check with your design consultant.

The benefits of choosing Garage Door Window Inserts

  • Match any profile: Whether you’ve got a Ranch, Stanford or Heritage profile garage door, we have a wide selection of window inserts suitable for all styles.
  • Increase light, improve privacy: Enjoy the freedom to apply decorative window film, window tinting and window frosting that not only helps improve privacy, it still allows plenty of natural light in.
  • Customised to your needs: Choose from a wide range of customisable features including the frame, insert style, powder coat colours, ventilation options and windows designs to create your dream door that complements your home.