garage versus carport

A common misconception is that a carport and garage are the same thing. While the 2 do have similarities; both offer undercover protection from the rain and sun, there are some key distinct features to tell them apart.

In this article we explain the key differences between a carport and a garage, as well as list the pros and cons, to help you find what’s most suited to your needs and lifestyle.

What are the differences between a carport and a garage?

The main difference between a carport and a garage is in the construction of each structure. We explore each option below, answering some of the most commonly asked questions.


Carport - Custom Aluminum Garage Door - Vertical Bar - spear heads - Gryphon
If you have a carport, add a custom door to increase the safety on your property.

First and foremost, a carport is not completely enclosed, usually only offering overhead protection and occasionally two sides. They are usually much smaller than a garage and require less materials to build, making it cheap and easy to construct. 

Carport designs are extremely flexible, can be made from a wide variety of materials and can be made as a standalone or attached to the home. The way a carport is designed, means there is plenty of space to open the doors, getting the kids in the car and packing for a camping trip without the after-thought of smacking the wall.

The main issue with a carport is that you sacrifice on security and storage space. There are no walls to protect your vehicle from car theft or break ins, this also means you will not be able to use it as a storage for garden tools, sports equipment and other miscellaneous items. 

The flooring of a carport can anything from dirt and grass, gravel, pavers, and decorative concrete. The actual structure can be made from timber, Colorbond steel, polycarbonate, metal or tiles, with an option to add a roller door if needed. The largest benefit is that a carport does not require council approval to construct since it is not an enclosed area, unlike garages, which can be transformed into ‘livable’ rooms.


  • Affordable
  • Quick and easy to build
  • DIY optional
  • Often may not require council approval, if so, is generally quick
  • Can be made from a wide variety of materials


  • Does not provide adequate security
  • No storage space
  • Lesser protection from the outside elements
  • Less versatile than a garage
  • Does very little to add any real value to your property
  • May have a shorter lifespan compared to a well-built garage


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A well-constructed garage provides a permanent structure to safely house and protect your vehicle and belongings. As you may already know, a garage can be built as a permanent extension of your home or as a standalone structure, and offers completely enclosed protection from the outside elements and theft.

This added protection is worthwhile for those who may live near the ocean where salt can cause corrosion, or properties that have a lot of trees. Most garages are attached to the home, making it a seamless transition from getting out of your vehicle and getting into your home. This helps with getting the kids in and out of the car, removing the shopping, pets, and avoiding the rain in winter. 

It also provides a sense of security for all the night owls who come home after midnight, as opposed to coming home to a carport that has no walls or protection. This is usually where you prepare your front door key before sprinting over in the dark.

Most garages are generally constructed from similar materials to the home itself, with the garage door installed after. Garage doors are completely customisable, made from Colorbond steel, aluminium, polycarbonate, or timber, and can be fitted with ventilation and windows.

The major benefit of a garage is that it offers storage space as well as protection. Many homeowners will use the garage to declutter their home, store a second fridge or freezer, washing machine, gardening tools, cleaning supplies, and Christmas decorations.

Another option is to convert your garage into a ‘livable’ home office, gym, play centre or workshop. Because of this, building a garage will require council approval and this can take a while. 

The price can also be significantly higher than a carport, depending on if the garage will be connected to the home or as a standalone. That being said, a well-constructed garage can add to the overall value of your property by up to $20,000 to $30,000.


  • Completely enclosed
  • Protection from the outside elements
  • Provides adequate security from theft
  • Provides storage space
  • Can add significant value to the property
  • A cohesive design can be aesthetically appealing, custom garage doors
  • Seamless transition from parking the car to getting inside the home
  • Option of converting into living area


  • Can be expensive
  • Takes longer to construct
  • Require council approval, can take a while
  • Must comply with Australian Building Standards and Regulations
  • Require professional installation

What’s best for you?

To make the right decision you’ll need to consider your lifestyle, budget and location. Do you need all the benefits of a completely enclosed garage? Or can you get away with simple overhead protection?

If budget isn’t an issue and you’re looking to add value to your property while increasing convenience, safety and storage space then a garage is perfect. 

If you’re looking for ways to convert your carport into a garage and in need of a well-constructed garage door to apply the finishing touches, contact Gryphon Garage Doors Perth.